Ryyka – BLACK FRIDAY – Black Metal Parody Song

artist: Ryyka
keywords: black metal, parody, video
words by: A. Alien

No, not green, not red, not blue and certainly not orange; it’s apparently Black Friday today. A day that in some Human civilizations (mainly the USA, UK and Mexico) people go out like a mass exodus towards shopping centers and retailers to go shopping. Some of these shops will be open longer, have lots of so called ‘deals of the century’ and ‘offers people cannot, and shall not refuse’ & this will drive every sane person apparently totally berserk.

Black Friday is presumably every sensible human being’s Hell on earth & for owners of shops; a day to cash in big time. Just imagine their horns growing on their heads while they count all the cash made afterwards… Also Satanists might go and join the shoppers, as its really the closest thing you can get to an real life experience of the pits of Hell. Who needs a Halloween and a horror house when there is Black Friday? Every day people suddenly turn into wild beasts, punching old ladies to get to the discounted television, or break someones leg to obtain the last left over shopping bag.

If the people behind reality programs like Big Brother are in need for another form of cashing in, I would suggest to put some cameras up in a few of these extremely popular shops to shop, and live stream these violent happenings among the civil consumers. That would be good entertainment; some popcorn on your lap, watching the crowd fall over each other like a good old slapstick, and watch them do acrobatic actions in order to grab some stuff nobody really needs. I would pay for that! In fact I wouldn’t even care if it was watchable with or without an ‘Black Friday’ discount!

But Hell, maybe its also seen as a good sport, a day of devilish fun for the Consumers? Any way, as some crazy foreign alien this whole thing is something unfamiliar to me, but thanks to my board computer picking up Ryyka’s black metal ‘Black Friday’ tune, I somehow seem to understand the happening much better. Better put on some  black clothing, some dark eyeliner, and the volume up & enjoy the ‘Black Friday’ tune from the safety of your home (or alien vessel) over here:

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