Millie Manders – Teddy

artist: Millie Manders
title: Teddy
keywords: singer songwriter, party hard, ska, pop, punk-rock, fusion,

YouTube; Sometimes you just hop from one place to another, most of the times it’s unfruitful but sometimes you stumble upon the greatest things. Yesterday I went from watching ‘how to make a Teddy Bear’ to the latest video clip for a song by Millie Manders.

“For anyone who has ever had an over possessive partner, or has been one, here’s “Teddy”…”

The Video description said…

But when going for the video your ears and eyes will be greeted with a awesome band made out of Teddies & of course Millie herself passionately expressing her crystal clear lyrics in a unforgettable vocal performance. She really puts herself out there, expressing her song as if she inhaled the spirit of early Sex Pistols, turning her in a force to be reckoned with.

“I’m squeezing so hard there’s no pretending
I popped the stuffing on my favourite teddy
I’m so possessive you’re going crazy
I popped the stuffing on my favourite teddy….”

With lyrics like this, it’s a surprise that the Teddy band aren’t afraid for their lives… Perhaps they are lucky not to be her favorite, just yet?

I don’t know about you but I did not know about Millie’s music before, but falling into her song ‘Teddy’ was clearly an unforgettable experience and intrigued me enough to hear more.

Apparently Millie Manders is one of these talented singer songwriters from the UK who plays a bright fun fuse of rock, pop, ska, blues and a nice touch of punk attitude. Her songs seem to all have a conscience theme, telling little stories or commentary on some specific social things. For example the fun song ‘thoroughbred potato head’ seems to deal with the idiotic people who do their best to be someone they aren’t, just to belong to some group.

Bacchus. Featuring a rapping Harry ‘coins’ Burnby is about drinking. Drinking to let go and do things we wouldn’t do when sober, adding a little Dutch Courage to life.. It’s a party song that makes thirsty!

Another one I liked was ‘Little Big Mouth’ , a song that probably is about a blond coked up self-obsessed bimbo. Millie obviously dislikes her little big mouth a lot & makes sure to let the world know.

There are more songs and videos up on her official YouTube account, but one really stood out to me. An acoustic version of her song ‘Mr Stupid’ in which she clearly sings about a certain mister stupid who clearly thinks he got ‘his girl’ all wrapped around his fingers… Obviously Mr Stupid doesn’t know shit. The song’s delivery of being filmed in a simple setup of Millie and talented guitarist in some kind of storage room really gives edge to showcase the strength and power in Millie’s voice. She really has skill, volume, style and technique that makes her not just a run of the mill singer who sings a song, but one who obviously means what she is singing about; it’s a powerful performance!

For more Millie Manders please check her website:

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  1. Thanks for all the kind words. We really appreciate it. Drop us a line to where you are in the world and if we are ever there we will get you tickets to a show. Thanks again.

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