Sid Yiddish & Candy Store Henchmen – Live At Beach Poets 2015

Artist: Sid Yiddish & Candy Store Henchmen
title: Live At Beach Poets 2015
keywords: parade, experimental, music, avant-garde, video

Sid Yiddish is a charismatic persona, a phenomenon, a character that inspires and wanders around in a world of creativity and madness. He does so many things that it’s not easy to pin down what his main activity is. Throat singing, reporting, music conducting, radio hosting, modeling, acting, being a presidential candidate, experimental artist, performer, television persona, teacher, friend, bearded shepherd…

There are just so many sides of Sid Yiddish that covering them all would turn into a massive encyclopedia set, which of course would be a great thing to have and read; but unfortunately not anyone dared to write and create it (yet).

A huge chapter should be about Sid Yiddish and his noble Candy Store Henchmen. It’s truly something that fascinates me and the people around me at the YIKIS office. Sid Yiddish conducts music from a fine selection of noble musicians who are armed with their personal instruments and sound creators & under the guidance of the special conducting technique they play the most remarkable music pieces ever to have walked the earth.

Not that music can actually walk, but the music making Candy Store Henchmen and Sid Yiddish certainly can do the walking for the music! Of course the group can stand still and do their magic, but when they walk it really does feel more special and interesting. It’s perhaps because I’ve always been fascinated by parades, it’s such an exciting happening when a line of people passes by to light up the normal daily circumstances.

So when I saw this video of Sid Yiddish and his Candy Store Henchmen parading around in the outside while doing their musical compositions I was obviously very excited. Now many month and YouTube plays later, the recording still keeps on coming back to my mind. And why the hell not? It’s not every day you will see and hear a parade of this courageous musical kind. And how efficient the conducting is done and how much infectious joy the music gives to its surroundings.

Watching the video is almost like going out for a walk yourself without the actual exposure of fresh air and sunshine. It’s also less tiring as you don’t need to walk yourself, you can just sit there and stare at it all while you enjoy it in silence, or perhaps pick up your own instrument and try to play along at the comfort of your home.

So I basically just wrote a lot of things, just as a nice excuse to share this happy parade with you. Please enjoy the following video:

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