SolarSyst32 – bppoqqd

Artist: SolarSyst32
title: bppoqqd
keywords: experimental, solarsyst, breakbeat, Ukraine

No time to waste, let’s discuss the tracks on Solaryst32’s bppoqqd:
Fortress in the forest is sounding for the most part enigmatic and charming, a spiritual music piece in which it feels as if the music delivers us to a temple somewhere in a natural but mysterious place in Japan, with strange odd music pushing itself through the state of meditation. It’s pretty weird; as even though it’s sounding a bit disturbing from our temple session, it also seems to interlock and make sense.

Papaver clouds’ seems to keep a similar kind of experience; mindful ambient with spiritual synth paths are being teased and funnily poked with a almost out of place melodic tease that still seems to make sense in the end. A slow breakbeat rhythm is holding it all together, perhaps responsible for balancing the two different sides of this music together as one. It seems to work the more we (the listeners) let go and become more spiritually open minded…

With ‘High Empty Castle’ everything seems to sound right and it makes all sensible sense. The melody and choice of sounds are electronic, but has a fair Asian flavor; a theme that is grand enough for a breakbeat loving emperor. The beats are programmed in such a great way that Samurais would have no problem to show off some skillful moves, while the melody itself sound grand and royal.

Desert Memory’ throws in the more speedy breakbeats and computer sounds of sweetness to make you want to love all what you hear. There is also a bigness to it, something classical; game music for a unbeatable empire with a rich history and culture…

Celestial Herald even takes up a sniff deeper into the Asian culture of the breakbeat royal empire, as this electric work really becomes something that martial art lovers could fly in the sky with. The music gets a bit lose in its tightness, providing melodies that come across rich in its origin, and fresh enough to become the reason to lift off while doing karate moves. There is something kick ass about it, yet it’s done in a way that ‘kick ass’ sounds way to vulgar to describe it.

Lost Civ is the last tune, going for a fat beat, fine melodic melodies, a bit of Zen masters whipping for the perfect flow of energy… In the end it feels a bit as if all the learned new skills of being spiritually, culturally and martial artsy had come together delivering an electric bliss to everyone who jumped in and listened… Nice one!

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