Clara Gazul – Clara’s secret birthday party

Artist: Clara Gazul
title: Clara’s secret birthday party
keywords: devotional, soul, ambint, cold, dark, electro, experimental, soundtrack, mellow, trance, wavy,
label: Vaatican records h
reviewer: ToxicToxic

Hello there, welcome back (or if you had never gone) glad you are still here! Are you ready for another review? Well that’s excellent news, as that’s what we do over here.
Reviewing, reviewing and reviewing; it keeps us of the streets & is a great excuse not to go out at night. But this is not about us, this post is about a release out on Vaatican records. If you look above you can see the name of the artist & the title of the release. And if you look below this sentence you can see words that talk about it. Isn’t it marvelous?

The darkest hour’ is cut short and had been heavily edited to become more like ‘the darkest minute’. It sounds fairly dark, but not dark in a dark way. More like the light is off but there is a safety light in a corner, just in case you need to go to the toilet and the light switch is out of reach…

Then there is this strange work named ‘Irish coffee’. It’s having the ambient atmosphere of something ghostly and mysterious (much darker then the dark minute) , which then hopelessly gets destroyed by funny sounds coming of (i presume) a drunk (might be haunted?) Irish coffee machine…

Another Year’ is also one that feels like it had gotten a heavy cut down treatment as it’s now just Another Minute that passes by while listening. I can’t really say something about it then ‘time flies’.

Categorically Divided’ takes a little bit more time, which is definitely a good thing as the music seems to establish itself more. It gives the listener the time to get into a mysterious zone of chill out with small electric crispy sounds.

Death Is Not The End’ is nice, and considering the time the artist takes out for this one on the release; the creator knows it. It feels a bit like a cult movie soundtrack in which mysterious things are moving about in a cute way. It’s a bit like listening to classical glitch, whispering whispers and footsteps of lightweight fairies in a cozy outside environment.

Then there is ‘monster’ which is also nice to the ears, bringing in a shimmering muffled beat, samples of some kid in some language that is probably Mexican or something else related to sunshine. It’s laid-back in sound and feel, but with additional use of samples that keeps you awake as it might come across that someone is suddenly standing behind you giving you a unexpected new haircut.

Conversation’ is also cool sounding, it’s all excellent material to be heard on headphones really. The sounds are brought in such a stereo way that it feels like you are trapped in a weird and mysterious place in which happy ghosts are dancing around a clock for their nightly conversational talk. They don’t really seem to use their voices, but do play a whole arsenal of domestic sounding sounds and it’s a terrific thing to experience. Better than going to the movies!

Sugarsand’ keeps up the great elements of 3D Dolby surround sound design, creating really an excellent short track to hear for headphone users and beyond. This one has more a real feel for music going on, and its great sounding bass makes me feel oh so good.

Then the last track on this strange shimmering release is Indu featuring Ian Breno and is keeping up the musicality by adding pretty nifty touches of melody along the rhythmic ghostly music.

Before I switch off and post this for you to read, let me once again tell you that the users of headphones are definitely treated like kings and queens with this release. Is this a way to recommend wearing headphones when this music plays? Yes, that might actually be it.
Find the music at the following link:

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