Fastest – Theme

Artist: Fastest
Title: Theme
keywords: synthwave, obscure, surreal, outsider
reviewer: Kevin S.

Perhaps one very striking feature about this album, other than the fact that there is really no concrete information on who or what created it except for a producing credit going to “Daemaeen Hephaestus Chastical,” is its professional credentials. Two different logos of the ASCAP, the not-for-profit organization assisting in music royalties, are displayed on the other side along with the track listing. It’s quite humorous that a musical work sounding like it was made by The Android Sisters’ lonely adopted brother with some synthesizers and voice modifiers or maybe Devoid of All Hope going electronic would possess such qualifications. You would think they would maintain a close-minded stance for wanting their institution to have anything to do with a front cover featuring cartoon-style, powermetal-esque letter font by an anonymous one man band who probably lives in northern Alaska. Furthermore, the album packaging appears more like a CD-Rom game with its faded appearance and back artwork reminiscent of a mid-90s, PC ripoff of a single-player, action-adventure quest to kill a 2-bit dragon for a bronze chalice.

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