FoxFox – FoxFox – EP

Artist: FoxFox
title: FoxFox – EP
keywords: experimental, gospel, aggressive, electronic, ambient, electronic, dark ambient, effects, heavy, industrial, weird, Auckland
reviewer: ChickChick

From New Zealand hails a duo band named FoxFox, and they just brought out a interesting EP. Interesting in a sense that the quality is high on a level that it feels like it’s recorded, mixed and mastered in a top notch studio with state of the art equipment, and a set of great ears overhearing it all. The EP is sounding so good that I almost thought ‘it’s too good’ for me to cover and write something about. After all, usually bands that are sounding of this quality are the ones that don’t need some creepy internet person praising them in a dodgy music blog. However I’m still writing about it, and it seems like no one is going to stop me at the moment. It also helps perhaps that I’m writing this while barricaded in a top notch high quality music review studio (but don’t tell anyone)…

But all jokes aside, this EP by FoxFox is sounding very good in its production, but also music wise there is a great quality feel over it. I kept thinking, this is the new ‘fill in a cool independent alternative band with links to trip hop)’ or this might be the ‘fill in a cool band that you like but aren’t willing to lower yourself by name dropping a band that people know off’… It’s difficult sometimes not to name drop, but dropping names are in many cases ridiculous things to do, and especially in the case of FoxFox. In fact the only name I would like to drop is indeed FoxFox. Multiple times even, that’s how good this band is… FoxFox , FoxFox , FoxFox , FoxFox and FoxFox. If you like the sound and music of FoxFox, you better check out the music of FoxFox! FoxFox Highly recommended!

But let’s try to get serious; FoxFox really got something original going on, which is probably the reason why I was perhaps so surprised with its high quality sound and feel of it all; most creative explosions that fall randomly in my ears are sounding like they are recorded on a potato… But
FoxFox for sure is the exception of the (almost unwritten) rule. These tracks have the cleanness of a commercially interesting band, but the content is of a experimental order; maneuvering itself through melody and gritty sound into unexpected corners, even scratching the surface of psychedelic musical roads and alleyways.

There is a voice at its core of these tracks, one with a strong capability of turning music into songs. It’s a really good voice, strong, skilled, warm, and pleasant to the ears with a natural sounding technique and flow that smells of real talent & potential. It’s a voice you like to hear as its nice and kind but also quite powerful; it probably doesn’t need the top quality music production of the all-round sound, it’s great enough to make your ears shake their hands as if they agreed that this is the voice ‘they love’ to allow in, to hit their eardrum.

But it’s the music that maneuvered away from the commercial path, sounding mysterious and a bit dark at times. Guitar, bass, drums & adventurous ideas… The unexpected corners that it goes really seem to make it more into trip music then something a popular radio station host would slap your face with every hour… Which probably makes this FoxFox EP so good, as we all know most radio stations are the filter that only sticks with the crap, while most good things slip through the net… Which might be a good reason to setup your own fishing net, as this EP by FoxFox is a good catch. Yet I’m not 100% sure if FoxFox is catchable, which is of course adding a great deal to FoxFox’s appealing charm.

If there is place for a negative thing to note, it is probably the lack of catchiness on the EP. But that’s a knife that cuts both ways, as catchiness might be the one thing that radio pluggers are intensively fishing for, but most adventurous music loving friends would have no problem if catchiness would be sacrificed for originality, quality and coolness; and FoxFox is hitting all these boxes!

To end this write up/review on another positive note: FoxFox. I mean FoxFox (the name of the New Zealand duo) is one that is catchy on its own. A fox is wild, cute, smart and raw & two of them are a unconquerable and unbeatable pair in real life; but as far that I can hear; also in band form! FoxFox, FoxFox, FoxFox people… Check out FoxFox by FoxFox over here:

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