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Little Fyodor & Babushka – Truly Rejected

Artist: Little Fyodor & Babushka title: Truly Rejected keywords: pop, punk, experimental, rock, novelty, weird, Denver Truly Rejected by Fyodor & Babushka is a true blast! There isn’t anything like it and I’m obviously quite liking it. The songs on … Continue reading

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gapeArson – starr catcher

Artist: gapeArson title: starr catcher keywords: lsdj, game boy, k9d, gp2x, idm, ibm, intelligent bit music, chiptune,avant-garde,san Francisco, lobit label: 20kbps Let’s travel back in time to experience the music and the sound of pure awesomeness. Are you ready … Continue reading

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Agnès Pe – Método para Enya: el fluir del Orinoco

artist: Agnès Pe title: Método para Enya: el fluir del Orinoco keywords: enlightment, experimental, electronic, Enya, devotional, blinding, light, music, video, experimental Agnès Pe is next to someone with experimental musical skills, an creative individual with a special gift. She … Continue reading

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Snow Wite – Dry Humping Stage Monitors I Am An Indestructible Master (NP007)

Artist: Snow Wite Title: Dry Humping Stage Monitors I Am An Indestructible Master Label: Nina Pop Cat#: NP007 Keywords: EDM, Electronic, Rock, Club, Dance, Pop Reviewer: Alex Spalding Oh… well, hello there, reader. Ah, yes, you walked in and caught … Continue reading

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Henry Glissenaar ‘the art & everything whistler’ (interview) 

Henry Glissenaar whistles for more than 40 years music on his fingers. As a young school boy he witnessed a kid whistle on four fingers and was instantly intrigued. Back in the day his big example was art whistler Jan … Continue reading

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Butchertown All-Stars – WDT!

Artist: Butchertown All-Stars Title: WDT! keywords: spoken word, improvisation, poetry Reviewer: Kevin Siegel Getting hands on this stereotypical obscure gem, which does not seem to have much information on it after some non-deep web searches, probably shared a similar fate … Continue reading

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Spice Burguer – Salvaje del amor

Artist: Spice Burguer title: Salvaje del amor keywords: pop, hit, video, electronic, dance, summer song If you like me have an irresistible need and urge to hear the occasional pop to make your ears pop, then you probably are fully … Continue reading

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The Dub Vaders – Herbs & Trips

artist: The Dub Vaders title: Herbs & Trips keywords: dub, electronic, disco, weed, label: Modismo Netlabel The Dub Vaders are really doing it, they are providing the best dub works with deep base frequencies, spaced out percussion, and trip … Continue reading

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Black Rats live at the XYZ Gallery

artist: Black Rats title: live at the XYZ Gallery keywords: guitar, bass, Otamatone, jam, video, performance XYZ Gallery had a bit of a problem.. Or well they probably thought it was a bit of a problem at first.. They probably … Continue reading

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Various Artists – Blowbits

Artist: Various title: Blowbits keywords: electronic, lobit, experimental label: Effluvia Recordings reviewer: Willem van O. I know this is a bit of an oldie, but at Yeah I Know It Sucks we just don’t care… If you too have … Continue reading

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