Matt Jones – S A L M O N / G R A P E S

artist: Matt Jones
title: S A L M O N / G R A P E S
keywords: acoustic, alternative, experimental, folk ,world, avant-garde, free jazz, indie, New York

Matt Jones is certainly not Mad Jones, as his constructive tracks carefully named S A L M O N & G R A P E S proof that the man is a master at playing the saxophone, hitting the drums and providing percussion. At first sight you might think; this is a unregulated jazz out of control, but lose that first sight, and you will hear the genius Matt Jones properly making sense of it all.

S A L M O N is quite busty in the beginning, which might explains the feeling of being over ruled by a energy that normal people would build up a little bit more; but it also has its strong point: When going in a cold ice bath you can go for the toe tipping method (first the toes, then the ankles, legs, slowly towards the genitals, chest, until you are in… or indeed the ‘jump’ method, in which you throw yourself straight in.

The ‘jump straight in method’ is definitely the case used for S A L M O N which is a courageous thing in music to do, and it is also quite effective in a refreshing wake-up way.
But like what I wrote before; once you are in and your ears are at the same temperature of the music done by this genius; all goes superbly well from here. It calms down with the same excitement and its simply gets better and better.

The best (to me) is when the cold water bath experience turns into a very nice smooth warm bubble bath happening. This happens in G R A P E S which takes it more easy going, super smooth, great expressive percussion… and might I say that next to it being relaxing, cool and smooth; it also has something sexy to it? The sexy saxophone is simply one of these instruments that gets people in the mood every time it takes the lead in music & with Matt James playing it; it certainly arouses my ears… How about yours?

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