sylpheera – Crazy Cat Lady (short film / music video)

Artist: sylpheera
title: Crazy Cat Lady (short film / music video)
keywords: cats, crazy cat lady, hoarder, hit, pop, movie, video, electronic

Single lady Laura has everything to become a singing super star, unfortunately she has also a bit of a problem; hoarding cats. It’s not that cats are a problem, but having a house full of them means devotion, care, all your love, and that means very little time to do anything else but cat hoarding.
One day her fairy cat godmother paid her a visit and told her the secret how to combine her hoarding of cats with her music career & that’s how super star ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ was born.

Her first hit ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ has hitting the internet by storm, getting praising reviews even before official press kits have been send out! The song is being passed on and watched by other (less talented) cat hoarders; quickly making this a hit that really puts ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ on the map of pop stars! And that’s just only the tip of the iceberg as the song’s popularity has just added a new level of popularity as its now set to a brand new (just released) real music video!

The video tells the story of Crazy Cat Lady as it had happened, and comes with amazing cat-inspired dance moves, waggling tales, lots of cats and cat details! The song’s cat-chiness is really flourishing together with the visual aspects of the fun inviting video! In fact, when cats google this up and hear this song they probably all want to join the household of Crazy Cat Lady just to dance along & make sure her flame of raising superstardom will be full of furry paws and bags full of catnip.

I really recommend you to watch the music video, waggle your tail along and perhaps bring in some cats & enjoy it all together with a dance and a smile. Purrrr!

*News update! Thanks to the marvelous success of the Crazy Cat Lady’ song and music video,
it has been made into a short movie! The short ‘film is made by film and TV production students at The University of Southern Queensland & is a joyful watch for all who cant get enough of the story of Crazy Cat Lady, and a great opportunity to actually meet the cats by name! Watch and enjoy it over here:

The hit song can be found on the EP or as a single, at the following link:

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