Dino Felipe – “GECKO” (Free Digital 7​-​Inch)

artist: Dino Felipe
title: “GECKO” (Free Digital 7​-​Inch)
keywords: digital-punk, electronic, experimental,, punk cassettes, digital, electronic music, new pop, sound art, sound design, Miami

Gecko by Dino Felipe sounds like how i think the world would sound like from a gecko perspective. Paws a bit sticky, the sounds a bit wet; the vibe and pulse for everyday exploration in search for yummy bugs, insects and other tasty goodies. Gecko likes to listen to music on the side, especially mysterious synthesizer vibrations really seems to brighten their days.

The life of a Gecko doesn’t sound bad at all, having all these mysterious micro things going on that it’s simply never a bore. Listening to this release by Dino Felipe I really seem to realize how cool Geckos are & how much I want to be one! Will you join me? Maybe reincarnation will make this dream cone true, but perhaps now as ‘human’ we can hangout at a furry convention dressed as geckos… Are you with me?

And this release, with this gecko music from a gecko perspective we can listen on our headphones while dressed in our gecko costume. This release will really help to get our-self accustomed to the new fascinating life as a human gecko. Are you with me? Are you? Tune in!

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