Various Artists – Sunburnt Soundscapes

Artists: Various
title: Sunburnt Soundscapes
keywords: electronic, experimental, avant-garde, acoustic, rock, ambient, drone, soundart, psychedelic,
label: onyudo

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt had once setup a group named  ‘Sunburnt Soundscapes’ on facebook to share creativity among the members. Under his curation the group flourished and to celebrate their togetherness a interesting sound-trip of a compilation was born. This is it…

Lutz Thuns opens the compilation with an incredible track that brings in a short time a complete different world to the ears. A world in which nature and technology seem to go hand in hand, colorfully mixed in full stereo; creating a really surreal soundscape in which forgotten sounds like the one of an old school dial up modem and a fax machine seem to recycled as a new life.

Babel Embassy brings even more color to the Sunburnth compilation, making me feel like listening to Tom Waits on dope, with interesting funk punk, strange spasm in words and excellent guitar works that is pretty crazy, but at the same time also pretty radical in originality! It even has a trumpet in there!

December Nightskies (with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt) is up next, bringing a deep drone ambient work to the collection in which fantasy and reality are intertwined, making me as a listener feel like I’m stuck in a twilight zone between dream and psychoses.

Then there is Sister Butterfly delivering a wonderful track that has everything to be memorable; a great song structure, big melodies, great vocals and lyrics; it’s all very epic. It strangely feels like it’s a track I’m familiar with, and yet I know it’s brand new; the good stuff!

Pas Musique brings Parisian Myths, which sounds quite Arabic in some way. Almost as if we’d walked into a Parisian café drank a coffee and are now suddenly as high as a coyote on peyote.
It’s an amazing track, very bizarre, psychedelic and indeed very mysterious to say the least.

Michael Brückner’s track keeps the top quality of mesmerizing music gloriously high. His track is next level stuff; an atmospheric soundscape with melodies wandering around, creating a fantasy world that sounds dangerous on one side, and beautiful at the other. Very intriguing.

Toys by Santiago Fradejas has also something of a movie soundtrack; a very bizarre movie that is. Strange sounds pop in and out, forming a clutter of strange doll like sounds which comes across to me as something disturbing, while at the same time; sounding like fun.

The Tara Experiment brings one of its amazing sound experiments to the collection, buzzing nicely with sweet sounding electric synth materials

Margriet Kicks Ass brings lots of hissing and beeping sounds, it’s very experimental, sounding like radio receptions that had found a way to receive alien information, and we are not sure how to decipher it with our human capabilities. Might this be done with her special legendary water sound machine?

A calmer work is brought up by Union Furnace, it sounds more normal or digestible compared to the previous experimental works, although it’s still pretty much far out there. Love the twinkling bell-like vibe…

Be The Hammer brings a delicately interesting soundscape with a high trip value. It’s thick and dense in an odd drone-ish way with a bit of scraping sounds on the sides. There are also nice higher tones that feel like they are combining the sound of a woman’s scream, steamboat and synthesized choir to create pure audio perfection.

Then Abre Ojos takes over with a perfect fitting match that shimmers a bit more; putting down a dreamy track of lightness that flows in an abstract noise way, gaining more momentum the more the track evolves; delivering something very powerful and mysterious. I feel like I’m on an island… a place with rough nature and… a place where the ‘wild things’ are.

Public’s favorite T.R.I.v.M. also brings a master piece to this compilation. It is highly recommended to put the volume up, as when I played it, it was all the way down…. Making it appear as if it was a brilliant silent track. Luckily the track with audio in it was just as brilliant. It sets an intriguing dream world in which the audio seems to flow into different chapters and zones, giving different feelings to each zone to thrill and fascinate (and perhaps) satisfy the ears.

the fantastic work by sOuL_sCientiSt & Agghra really gives a pleasing audio escape, someting that feels like listening to a dark movie soundtrack made for your fantasy and ears. But don’t think it’s a full length cinematic adventure, as it’s rather short.

Waiting Roadside by balkh is rather lovely; going for a simply approach of warm music with repetitive artefacts and a wonderful playful deep electronic bass that will please everyone who enjoys music for relaxation.

Last time down by W H I † E is rather great too, providing a pleasant but dark laying beat and music that gets heavily complimented by the sound that comes (to me) across like a muffled airplane engine willing to speed up. It gives the strange music a real depth & actually a bit of fright: is this about a ghost airplane that goes down for one last time?

Eisenlager brings a holy sounding spiritual track. It feels like it is paying homage to someone who had passed away to the afterlife. It was someone musical and Eisenlager gives the person a caring sounding tribute. Might this person by Syd Barrett?

A slow dragging but wonderfully intriguing work by koyl then comes along. It has a cowboy-esque feel. It gives me fantasies of a cowboy that is searching for a place to setup a camp, make a fire and heath up a can of beans. The guitar melodies and the experimental electronics are warm, spacy and pretty far out there! Great!

Organ1c by Jimmy Trash is a more clean and to the point ambient kind of work, soft and gentle providing its luxury for all who wants to hear it. I have a feeling that playing this for organic plants will make them grow greener, and when played to flowers; they will flourish more!

Travel Abroad by Head Joint takes us on a journey starting with a flow that sounds fairly natural. It’s a happening of nature, which then seems to make us move to strange cultural zones with music pieces of different places to be accustomed with.

Angela Grasser Brings the experimentation of sound straight back into the spotlight (and business). The track ‘Fehlstart’ is a sharp piece, vibrating and pulsating in its finest form; creating a real buzz on this excellent compilation.

transmutation done by D.Ferri / TT Geigenschrey does exactly what it says in its title; it mutates in a trance way. It sounds like a psychedelic happening that becomes more raw and gritty at the end.

Nobodisoundz keeps its work as mysterious and in the darker corners as it can be, yet there is lots of lively things going on in these windy shadows. It’s great hearing material for these fine trip moments.

Junkyard Fire Tribe by Anda Volley has the honor to finalize this amazing compilation of psychedelic experimental audio pleasures. Anda Volley’s track does this in great style, bringing great electric synth sounds with a fabulous progression. Most definitely worth the wait!
You can hear and get this compilation over at the following link:!/albums/sunburnt-soundscapes

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