Dylan Ewen – Gender Mountain

Artist: Dylan Ewen
title: Genrder Mountain
keywords: pop, blues, country, indie, lo-fi, outsider, rap, Boston
reviewer: Willem van O.

Stumbled upon a music release by Dylan Ewen and decided (for some strange reason) to check if there was something visual to match on the weird side of YouTube. My instincts had brought me straight (or gay?) to a Walhalla of original Dylan Ewen music videos. I was like ‘wow, look at this…’ Instantly sharing the shit out of it… And then I was ‘oh no.. Don’t look!’…

Too late! I already shared to the people on the speed dial number! What will they think? Do I have to put on warning signs for the children? Is there any nudity involved?

And now (as the damage is already done) it’s basically your turn. So click away if you aren’t sure if you will be okay watching something new, but if not; stay here and see if it is shareable among your own friends and family. But whatever your or my opinion is, there is no denying that we just hit the jackpot of something very original.

But as original and kooky that it might be, it’s also a bit freaky & most importantly has something from the kinky side. The latest video (just uploaded a couple of weeks ago and fairly watched by 300+ discrete viewers) is definitely hitting that side, but as the song in the music video is ‘magician of submission’ the kinkiness definitely makes perfectly sense.

Of course I’m really feeling the urge to put all these music videos of Dylan Ewen in a singular post, but perhaps it’s best to keep them around to let them slip in one by one when you least expect it. But if you can’t wait, you are very free to check out the official YouTube channel:

The song of Dylan Ewen are quite original too. With the music having the sense of fun and quirkiness, while the actual song’s lyrics are much more dark, pessimistic or well.. I don’t know how to say it? The opposite of fun? It’s a bit like a poisonous marriage between yin and yang but then coming from a pretty alternative corner. I mean in one video the singer commits suicide by swallowing a whole lot of pills and the band keeps on playing full of happy smiles, with the dead body being moved around like a funny prop. Yeah, it’s definitely something different this Dylan Ewen & even though it’s a bit extreme at times; I’m sure we have our days that we can identify with these songs… Right?!

Anyway to keep this post a bit tidy, it’s good to inform you that the ‘magician of submission’ song comes from the Gender Mountain EP. A great release that really seems to correspond with what I wrote above; the music is happy, funny and quirky while the lyrics are drastically parading from another side of life. There is something really cool about happy tunes mixed with lyrical content that is more cynical, perhaps not even that happy at all.

The person who delivers a super happy sing-a-long song about depression deserves a medal in my opinion… But no depressive songs here, but songs about being bored in a band, searching pics of Hentai chicks with dicks, & having no time for bullshit… Oh and of course the hit ‘magician of submission’.. Let the music of Dylan Ewen be your kind; Submit now and head over to the following link:

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