Mikie Mayo – Timeless

Artist: Mikie Mayo
title: Timeless
keywords: rap, tune, video, hip-hop, timeless
reviewer: Willem van O.

No matter what the time is, as Mikie Mayo is motherf*cking timeless. Just as his timeless song named ‘Timeless’. All clocks, calendars and other time machines are simply redundant when it comes to the word flow of Mikie Mayo. He expresses himself and tells it like it is, and does it in a way that it is indeed timeless. I mean if we could travel back in time, the tune would easily fit in & skip ahead into the future and it still sounds as fresh and new as it is today.

He might be white like that shim shady guy, there is a huge difference; where Shady is already dated, Mikie Mayo is simply undateable. Not that he doesn’t date, but as date is a part of the whole ‘time’ system, it’s best to say that he is timeless all the way; meaning his songs and flows never go on a date as they will never go out of date! The video clip for timeless is also filmed in a timeless surrounding; dodgy surroundings with timeless graffiti and other places in which time has no place.

Even though Mikie Mayo & his song are timeless, we here at YIKIS aren’t. In fact time has been running out, forcing me to end this post… But before I go, let’s get lost in time with ‘Timeless’

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