solypsis VS dingle – solypsis VS dingle

Artists: solypsis VS dingle
title: solypsis VS dingle
keywords: experimental, dark ambient, drone, noise, music, power electronics, Denver
label: Dismissive Records

This is the digital version of a limited edition C15 cassette. Side A was recorded directly to digital while Side B was recorded on cassette tape and then transferred to digital. Any audio anomalies present are due to this recording process.

Holy shit! The audio anomalies? According to my ears this release is one big showcase of audio anomaly. Unless… Unless the music on the tape was of course already a bit sounding like this; noisy, hissy, mayhem and broken… It’s difficult to say of course as what is an audio anomaly or what is done on purpose, but whatever the case if this digital version of this limited tape; it’s as f*cked up as it could get.

Perhaps the audio anomalies should have given the real credit to this release, but let’s pretend that the sounds on this release was sounding as close as it was originally intended. Then I could only say ‘wow’ and ‘wow’ doesn’t even seem the reaction to cover it completely. Maybe written with capital letters will be better? WOW! Nah, not even close to a proper reaction towards this release.

It starts first with a track done by Solypsis, which is basically as mental and insane as it can get noise wise. I feel like someone taped me into a go cart and pushed me straight into the pits of audio hell. There is no buildup and there is no fancy Halloween devil poking your ass with sensibility; no this is an instant wild ride of noise and probably an orgasm made out of audio anomalies. It’s very wild, making my ears move backwards in order to take it all in. It’s heavy and then heavier, loud and then louder and when having survived the ride you sure should feel proud of yourself. You deserve the audio anomaly award medal for great courage!

And then the real audio anomaly starts, a track by noise favorite hero Dingle. It is here that I have found myself checking the speakers, unplugging the stereo and restarting the home audio stereo equipment.. When that didn’t work I went to the doctor and check out my ears if they had gone in holiday or not… Thing is; audio anomalies! The track by Dingle was once again an audio anomaly in a very different way than the audio work by Solypsis. Such a sound difference that it indeed might confuse people like you and me into thinking their ear drums had moved to the Bahama’s, gave up on life or simply said ‘I’m out of here!’. Fair to say this is the work that you should have lots of fun with when playing it to your friends, but also very interesting for all the audio anomalies collectors and researchers out there! Check it out over here:

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1 Response to solypsis VS dingle – solypsis VS dingle

  1. mentalmantel2013 says:

    NICENOISE!!! 🙂

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