Janet Thome – I Want To Lift 1000 Souls

artist: Janet Thome
title: I Want To Lift 1000 Souls
keywords: devotional, inspirational, hopeful, joyful, spirituality, Krupp
reviewer: Willem van O.

Janet Thome has a very special wish, something that is a rare thing to hear. Her wish is to lift 1000 souls. This is obviously a wish of kindness, and takes a special kind of person to write and perform it in the shape of an emotional song.

Her song can probably be interpreted as broad as your spiritual imagination would allow it to be, But for some reason I truly believe that Janet Thome is especially interested in lifting the souls of lovely (but troubled) dogs.
To give the sad and lonely ones a new home, free them from misery and deliver them to a place where they are loved and cared for.

She is even so kind to invest the powers of her own heart in order to forgive a 1000 wrongs, just to help and lift these souls in a place of gentle kindness. Not sure how much space a 1000 souls take in, but I presume a big home is needed to make this wish come true & truly, in all sincerity I hope it becomes more than just a song.


Janet Thome

Somehow I imagine a rescue center for runaway dogs, homeless and the abused ones, the loyal ones who had been forgotten & now will find joy together in the knowledge that they will never be forgotten. For some reason I imagine a cat lady’s house with the cats replaced by dogs; a place full of loyal friends, happy faces and wiggling tails. A temporary heaven on earth filled with love by singer songwriter and savior Janet Thome.

Let’s all invest in this spiritually pleasant song, spend some money on this lovely work & hope that the lifting of these 1000 souls (either being them from humans, cats, dogs or anybody else..) will become a fine and pleasant reality.

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3 Responses to Janet Thome – I Want To Lift 1000 Souls

  1. Linda says:

    I’m not really one for soft balads and inspirational songs, but this one works like a shower.

  2. Janet Thome says:

    WOW! I am Janet Thome and I just found this review. Not sure if I should be deeply insulted or honored. Still wondering……… But I thought I would share a little about the song. I wrote it and I sang it and I had a beautiful Italian composer arrange the music. I LOVE inspirational words that uplift and heal. They can stop you dead in your tracks and change the direction of your life.

    Creating the song was a dream come true, it was something that I was afraid to do, but I did it, all the way.

    It is not just about dogs, though as you can tell, I love them. It is actually a very deep prayer and a message. I had been awakened last year regarding modern day slavery last year and though it is illegal in every country, it is a thriving billion dollar business. I was awakened by a Ted Talk that Lisa Kristine was featured on , showing her photographs that bear witness to modern day slavery

    I also became aware of modern day slavery because of the sweet 8 year old girl that started selling lemonade to free the slaves after seeing one of Lisa’s photo’s. It was a photograph of 2 young boys that were holding hands with 2 big boulders on their back. They were slaves in Nepal. This is the little girl. She is now bottling lemonade, there is a movie, she met the Dalai Lama, etc…

    This is the message I put under the video that describes my prayer and my hope for humanity

    My song is a call for love for all those who have been forgotten 
    27 million dogs are put down a year, millions homeless and abused 
    30 million people are a victim of modern day slavery
    Families enslaved for DECADES for an $18 debt 
    Veterans  discarded after their service to our country 
    900,000 widows in Afghanistan 
    The way animals are treated makes me want to fall to my knees 
    Our earth’s rescources raped without regard 
    The elderly are locked in their homes without a friend or the help they need 
    These are our daily headlines 

    The list is endless, we can do better as a humanity 
    Adopt, don’t shop
    Say NO to GMO
    Know your slavery footprint
    We have the power to change the world with our buying choices
    My song is a call for each one of us to stop and look around , who needs you 
    If each one of us vowed to help 1000 souls, starting with the one in front of you 
    There is no way anyone could be missed if each one of us had a Schindler’s list 
    My song is a call for forgiveness, it frees the heart and makes you want to give 
    A whole new world is waiting beyond the hate , let it go……….
    If you are sad and lonely, too, just find someone in need of you 

    My song is a call for kindness, it costs nothing and makes everything bloom

    Think what we could change if no one was forgotten , knew they were loved 
    Felt they were seen and knew they were in God’s dream 
    The children would not bully and grow up to take care of the elderly 
    The veterans would be honored and the homeless would be fed 

    The list is endless, WE ARE a better humanity

    Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCHhudxzJeQ

    Slavery Footprint http://slaveryfootprint.org/#where_do_you_live

    What kind of world would we have if we all helped 1000 souls, starting with the one in front of you.

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