Lekiddo – It’s Christmas (I Bet You Don’t Know What I’ll Bring You)

Artist: Lekiddo
title: It’s Christmas (I Bet You Don’t Know What I’ll Bring You)
keywords: Christmas song, pop, alternative, fun, lobster
artist website: http://lekiddo.com

Lekiddo (The Lord Of The Lobsters) has the perfect Christmas anthem to get everyone in the pinchy pinchy kiss kiss lobster love mood. With his lovely dance gesture, his amazing crew of lobster friends and incredible new sound and brilliantly glamorous royal voice the hit settles itself as smooth and catchy as a tasty strawberry cake. With incredible layers of genius music matching the song slowly expands to leave an unforgettable mark on your music loving senses.

This year it will not be Wham’s Last Christmas dominating your mood for the festive season, but Lekiddo’s It’s Christmas (I Bet You Don’t Know What I’ll Bring You). And trust me and all the other Lekiddo lobster fan fanatics; Christmas will never be the same with this tune playing around the festive seasonal decorations! To make it even better, there is a video clip to complement the happy song! Enjoy & don’t forget to spread the lobster love with lots of Pinchy Pinchy and even more kisses!

You can help the lobster lord and yourself by investing in a copy of this song at the following places:
more info on the official Lekiddo website: http://lekiddo.com

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