Graffiti Mechanism – the coconut voyage

Artist: Graffiti Mechanism
title: the coconut voyage
cat: 8R105
keywords: lobit, 8 kbps, downtempo, vaporwave, IDM, electronica, experimental
label: 8Ravens

The experimental music feels like an instant injection of yourself into the mind of a raving techno inking high on dubious substances and music. It might be cheap booze and coffee as it doesn’t sound anything like any other chemical stuff is used to get this weird brain functioning.

As soon as your own eyes , ears and mind are settled in and used to the new environment, the situation calms down into a nice journey of interesting electro trip funk with great exposures to rhythm, groove, sound & what happens to appear as music that is like dope for the experienced senses.

This music is intelligent, warm and kind with a nice smooth rawness to it. It’s the stuff that feels as if it’s happening when you are tuning in, going for unexpected moves that are as subtle, pleasant as their are generous in the amount of adventure they breath out.

There is no doubt on my head or inside it that this is the work done by a electronic genius, exploring, tweaking and discovering new scenes and civilizations in a danceable technological electronic music world in which dreams are combined with swinging action, and melodies are adored by the coolest drums that mothers in general are warning people about.

The release it’s sound quality is also something to be super enthusiastic about. It sounds as if it’s fresh as wet paint, pleasantly draped in a wonderful underground format that is lobit & there are no words for me to describe how terrific this warm bubble bath of audio encoding is. The release is as hot like a fresh cup of coffee & of course highly recommended! It’s also free for download! Might this be your lucky day?
Get it over here:

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1 Response to Graffiti Mechanism – the coconut voyage

  1. Linda says:

    Too short! πŸ˜€ A very nice comfy piece of beats and crackle this is πŸ™‚

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