Bitwalker – Wrong Way of doing Synths

artist: Bitwalker
title: Wrong Way of doing Synths
keywords: experimental, abstract, experimental, ambient, musique concrete, sound, synthesizer, dark ambient, cinematic, alternative
label: Hortus Conclusus Records

Non existing music editors are praising this album into the great big skies and we push it even further into the larger spectrum of entire galaxies; this album is the release you should hear before the end is near! It’s like well made classified triptamine and dopamine for the ears, full of invention with a classy lick of the tongue into retro perspectives. Hmm that taste is so good, it crackles under the tongue and deserve synthesizer bliss in the deep depths of the ears.

This is the album that will safe you from the shit that repeats itself every hour on your nearest radio station; this is the album that will be classified as a drug, if it was one that you could indeed swallow/inhale/suck or inject. Thank heavens it’s music; the untouchable corner stone of a psychedelic Valhalla on earth. The album explores everything you did not explore on this album before, unless you had heard it once before.

It’s of a fantastic quality, with full term long time commitment on great use of stereo effects and even more wild attention on the sound and music that this work is so rich off. When you play this you might easily get glued to its experimental output in which (within the concept) anything potentially can happen; from a guitar to scientific synth works and abnormal sounding audio experimentalism; you might even encounter a feeling of being a airplane ready for take off.

I really wish to have more time to devote on praising this work (that’s how good it is) , but unfortunately I’m pretty lost in time and space & not sure if this great music is to blame or any other human time consuming activities, but I do know that whatever you are doing; everything gets better when you do it when this album plays comfortable on your eardrums. Let me settle the suggestive information in the title in the correct way; ‘wrong way of doing synths’ is obviously totally the right way if doing synths. It sounds fantastic and as a reviewer I give it a billion out of a zillion stars! Which is pretty damn good! Hear and enjoy it over here: (and it’s free download!!)

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1 Response to Bitwalker – Wrong Way of doing Synths

  1. Linda says:

    I blink with my eyes and YIKIS looks like my spam box ;P full of wonderful reviews, but I can’t progress on listening to them as I keep repeating this one. Beautiful, how synths should sound 😀

    (btw, I’m offline for the rest of the year and well into the next year. So all great holidays, with sucky music, chattery peepsiez, delicious foodies and tasty drinkies!!)

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