Señor Sandwich – S*M*O*O*D*Y

Artist: Señor Sandwich
title: S*M*O*O*D*Y
keywords: electronic, rap, chiptune, pop, bit-hop, cool, smoody, sandwich,synthwave punk
reviewer: Willem van O.

That Señor Sandwich is a lover of bread in all sizes and shapes is a no brainer, but he is also fairly known as a cool cat with a sweet tooth. Cakes, meaty puddings, booty sorbets, candy and sandwich spread are probably all part of the music producers diet, and so it’s no wonder that within his popular video-clip for his (even more popular) song S*M*O*O*D*Y* you are instantly overwhelmed by two popular female body parts covered in more sweetness that sweetly bounce along on the bread loving music. Here it is:

As a male admirer; I had large hopes that this video of Señor Sandwich would bring the best of both worlds to the visual attention, but even though watching the entire video through a magnifier and with full attention; no meaty male chest (or hairy ass) could be seen bouncing in front of the camera covered in pictures of delicious cupcakes, ice creams and other delicate good looking sweetness. However the coolness of the hero and partner (Nikolina Pikolina) in crime’s dance moves made it still into a spectacular tasty show to lick your fingers off, suitable for audiences with all kind of sexy tastes and flavors. But the main flavor is cool like ice scream and sweet like candy.

The music is of course something to talk about over here, but it’s more something you should just hear. Señor Sandwich basically lays down a chiptune friendly top hit with fine smooth lyrics that are probably about a girl named smoody that the artist enjoys, or perhaps it’s an actual drinkable smoothy on high heels. The lyrics are perhaps open for own interpretation… ‘My passport is a selfie & open up the gate’ but the entire work is one that has a high entertainment value. Which is of course not weird if you are more aware of Señor Sandwich general repertoire of party music & good vibes. In fact you should at least hear and see the sandwich lover live if you can, as wherever he comes with his breads you will find an instant dance-floor covered in happy breadcrumbs to swing upon!
Here is a short video of such an instant sandwich party:
After all the bouncing sweetness and sandwich exposure I’m going to munch a sandwich ham and cheese, and go and stick my tongue into a strawberry sorbet. Adieu!

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