Braghsdn & Globoscuro – Phobias II

artist: Braghsdn & Globoscuro
title: Phobias II
keywords: ambient, experimental, soundart, psychedelic, ambient, drone,

Pretty things in reverse, music that you need to hear while sitting upside down; this is the first impression I get when hearing the kind material streaming away in my open ears. A calm collection of lovable ambient knitting with nice sounding audio clutter to gain a dreamy and appetizing atmosphere. I really enjoy it as it makes me feel like sitting in someone’s backyard with a pot of tea; it has something homely and mannered in a dream like way.

The music than becomes more deep and intriguing, as if we are Alice and the music is wonderland. It’s a mysterious and perhaps flirting with the shadows in the dark, but it still feels in overall like that lush atmosphere of a (now cooled down) summers afternoon with psychedelic substance spiked tea…

And seriously that is the good kind of spiked tea and not the one that Doctor Huxtable liked to serve up; even higher then high tones become tolerable as they painfully seduce the ears deeper in this tea party zone of audio psychedelics. Visions might appear, and so I enjoyed old clocks, rabbits on sticks and wooden cracking floors and a slight hole in my brain that leaked rainbows… But it’s all about the music of course and that’s pretty much the trigger for individual encounters with all that is not there.

Then the release becomes more darker, sucking me into the deep drone fantasies and other illustrious fantasies. It’s of a intriguing kind and not entirely nightmare material, but more something of an adventure that feels good to go through… The excitement of taking this journey gets rewarded in the last piece of music on this release; a track in which everything is bliss and peaceful, as if we are back in the backyard drinking tea on a nice afternoon.

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