Point Breezy Boyz – I Want A Pony For Christmas

Artist: Point Breezy Boyz
title: I Want A Pony For Christmas
keywords: alternative, video, song, pop, lo-fi, rap, Christmas, Pony
reviewer: Willem van O.

Christmas is the time of the year that many demands are made, one of the more common ones is the demand to get a pony for Christmas. And indeed who doesn’t want a Pony for Christmas? And if that lazy Santa doesn’t deliver it; who doesn’t want to play Santa Claus and deliver a pony for Christmas? Just think about the happy faces of the Pony receivers!

Tears of joy, smiles as wide like beauty pageants, high jumps from excitement; a pony for Christmas is simply the gift that can’t go wrong with anyone. Boys and girls, men and women, the elderly; everyone would be happy with a pony for Christmas.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the Point Breezy Boyz also want a pony for Christmas. And they want it so bad that they expressed their Christmas wish full passion in an expressive fun song. ‘I want a pony for Christmas’ is its name, and thanks to it being up on YouTube it’s easy to be shared among kids, teens, adults and the elderly who need a fun song to tell Santa (or his ‘helpers’) what they want and need for Christmas.

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