Ili Pika – Epikany

Artist: Ili Pika
title: Epikany
keywords: alternative, experimental, avant-garde, clarinet, drums, duet, free improvisation, odd, strange, weird, woodwind
reviewer: Intoxicated Theo

To get into the mood for the big slaughter of a rabbit, turkey and peacock for our non-vegetarian friendly Christmas diner, we played an album with a festive clarinet shimmering in a vague experimental sound soup that really suited the duck that was boiled, baked and cooked ( among the other friends) to celebrate that someone had died for our sins, so we could sin some more.

With it we drank blood that was mistaken for red wine. Intoxicated on this vulgarity feast of delicious offending naughtiness we tripped into psychoactive audio forms that revealed that our other lesser known dinner guests seated on the dinner table had been a goose family colorfully quacking along with the mysterious experimental music.

Outside the window swirls of black crows formed tight clouds to keep warm from the ultimate winter cold, this was all happening as we sharpened our forks on the meats laying on our plates. The animals sliding over our tongues, the sauces and slices of Christmas spices tumbled down as music to our ears. This thick music felt like Hitchcock could come out of the shower any minute now, bringing in a bunch of those birds for in the after dinner soup.

Then the animals for consumption came to live, bits for bits they returned from our stomachs to become a self-solving puzzle. The animals hair and featherless began dancing naked on the table while an avant-garde drum beat triggered their muscles into a fun parade. It was irresistible enough that all the closeted vegetarians who didn’t want to ruin the Christmas party pulled off their clothes and took their animal friends of choice by their little paws, claws and hands for a rumbling dance extravaganza. Even the astonished non vegetarians joined in the feast of festive experimental drumbeat processions.

Not so much later the drum had disappeared and the guests had found themselves collapsed or in sleeping position from over excessive movements. On the table and over their thick bellies little baby chickens hopped along, they had freshly come out from the chocolate eggs that had been lying down under the Christmas tree. The shimmering madness became a cuddle fest in which the dinner guests got cozy with their previous animal foods and gave them kisses of forgiveness & friendly Christmas hugs. Little bumble bees played jazz in the backdrop and everything was absolutely wonderful.

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