Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Son of Thunder

Artist: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt
title: Son of Thunder
keywords: experimental, other, noise, abstract
label: Kitty on Fire

Son of Thunder is content wise a progressional work that moves slowly through atmospheric ways into a soft climax that feels a bit like a vacuum cleaner sucking the music up when the time limit of this release has been reached. Don’t get me wrong, the music on this album is far from nasty or dirty, it’s more hygienic in sound then most of our reviewers are body wise.

Son of Thunder is in the first place a moving piece that feels comfortable and at ease, having a relaxed loosely played melody on a pleasant noise that feels like it is in touch with nature… It makes me dream of a forgotten jazz musician who goes from park bench to park bench with a diversity of alcohol containing bottles wrapped in paper bags. There is something really human about it, something that slowly screams ‘this is real life!’.

I guess that’s why the album upon its original release was brought out in cover art that (according to the artist) was heavily criticized for how it looked… A seemingly cover less album with handwritten notes attached to it for sure get the blood of some serious music reviewers boiling, almost to the point the blood pressure hints towards hot headed heart attacks and manic fever… Yet, it’s funny to notice that when a certain unknown rapper named Kayne West brought out a cover less (but not free!) release it was severely praised by music critics for being cool, edgy and brilliantly genius!

Of course nobody around here had (upon now) heard of this rapper or read any of these praising reviews, yet it seems quite funny that one release is being critiqued as possible the shittiest album cover of all times, and the other the work of a genius. Maybe we got to listen to the content of that artwork-less potentially brilliant shit CD of that unknown rapper and see if the raps dress the cover up like the clothing of the naked emperor, but as far as I’m concerned the worlds biggest star of the accidental guitar with its handwritten cover is the real genius over here.

In fact if you will find this cd accidentally somewhere on the floor in the park or somewhere else in a public space, I bet you’ll want to pick it up, read the handwritten notes, hold it to your chest like a long lost friend, embrace and kiss it, bring it home & play it! Why? Because you recognize that it’s done by a human for a human to find & of course because it’s free!

The album in its original form might be hard to find out there, but the digital unlimited reproduction of its musical content and a picture of how it actually looked like can be found and heard over here:

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