Swin Deorin – Solipsism

Artist: Swin Deorin
title: Solipsism
cat: SDx23
keywords: 80’s, alternative, avant-garde, experimental, other, relaxation, weird, arpeggios, free download, free music, outsider music, remix, Scotland, synthesizer, United Kingdom

With the latest album of Swin Deorin of the year you bet the doors of a third dimension within the sound of music are pushed wide open. The tracks all start like they are innocent and well dressed, but as soon as you let them play they expand in ways that are psychedelic wonderful vacations to hang your head in and trip out in.

These magical openness within the electronic music are seemingly untouchable with a border-less imagination, yet carefully laced down in a format of loops that you can follow like the yellow road in Oz. Beats and melodies are the elevating emotions for the music loving travelers to hold on too and be lifted off with, Swin Deorin uses them to make you feel good and weightless as if you had fallen into the chemical loving effect of XTC without the teeth grinding and brain cells killing themselves; no side effects just pure warmth, love and outer limitless!

Awesomeness is definitely touched upon, which is something you really shouldn’t miss out on if you are into this inter-dimensional electronic music sound and feel that within this album sounds as a fair and positive outlook on live and melodic progression in general; spending quality time with these tracks will make you feel happily inspired and on a brain holiday. No need to bring a tent or a barbecue set as the music provided anything and everything you need, even though you might have not thought off to receive in a billion years.

A really nice listening experience of an now extremely advanced electronic music producer who sounds like he had never lost touch with his devotional human fantasy side & combined it perfectly with lovable and pretty impressive sound production skills. Music that is pretty deep, light, intelligent and yet you don’t need to break your head on all the technical aspects as it’s clear that Swin Deorin took a lot of time to do that all for you; you just play it and let yourself go within the music.

The joy and pleasantness that comes with it is something you probably did not think to receive this morning, but trust me ; even though the music is like a amazing wonderful fantasy, it is in fact a dream come true. Or shall I say ‘many dreams come true?’ Considering the amount of pleasant top quality tracks on this album? Check it out over here: https://swindeorin.bandcamp.com/album/sdx23-solipsism

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