Furchick – Cats in the bath (Dick Smith mix)

artist: Furchick
title: Cats in the bath ( Dick Smith mix)
keywords: experimental,
label: Dog Park https://dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com

I don’t know about you but my New Years wish was to exchange the rubber ducks in the bath with real life cats. I managed to exchange them, but not fairly sure if it was a good idea to do so. In fact under the layer of soapy foam there is water with a reddish glow, a colored substance coming from all the cuts my new bathing cats palls have been giving me. Apparently they don’t really like bathing, or water to swim in in general; where are the rubber sucks when you need them the most?


hmm… in a swimming-pool?

But unexpected help was on its way to safe me from the angry bath-haters sharp nailed paws, as I stumbled upon a magical trick to make the cats (and myself) in a much easier state of mind. It was very simple; music! I brought in a little music player, placed it at safe distance from the bath and water (after all cuts are one thing, being electrocuted is an entire level up) , and on it I would play the found ‘cats in bath’ song by a certain Furchick.

I found this song not just completely random, but it was all part of a secret research for my upcoming meeting at the dog park for a spontaneous interview. It is something to be excited about, but you do not want to interview someone without getting all the facts and details messed up and right. Anyway, I found ‘Cats in Bath’ and played it on the recorder while bathing with the unhappy water hating cats & guess what? It worked!

As long as the song and music played, the bathing session went completely scratch-less. There was no more bloodshed or spectacular acrobatic cat movements to avoid the water in the bath and all went particularly smooth and cozy.

I have to admit; It feels a bit weird to stroke a wet cat or two in the bath, but this music made this possible without the loss of blood and hopeless skin destruction.

Rubber ducks are so 2015…
Bathing with cats is so 2016.


nope.. get your yellow ass back to 2015!

Risky thing is when the music stops… The first time when that happened I almost lost an eye, but now I simply looped the song a few minutes longer so I have time to dry in a towel, dress up and get the hell out of the bathroom before these water cats realize they hate being in the water when the music stops. In any case, if you have rubber ducks you can count on safety, but if you have cats and would like to bathe with them; this Furchick tune will definitely safe your life! https://dogparkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/furchick-cats-in-the-bath-dick-smith-mix

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