R.J. Thyme – Where I Go When They Talk About The Weather #22

artist: R.J. Thyme
title: Where I Go When They Talk About The Weather #22
keywords: deep house, experimental, tech house , deep tech house, minimal house, mix, video

R.J. Thyme is here with a music mix featuring Max Cooper, Rone, Carl Sagan, Recondite, Mini Royal, Agoria, Gil Scott-Heron, Roman Flugel, Lulu Rogue, Pepe Bradock, and Christian Löffler. A lot of names that might or might ring a bell; but listening to the mix you could say that they sound like one happy family of togetherness, meaning that if you like what one of these names has to offer to your ears, you can guarantee yourself that you will enjoy the others too.

But if you perhaps have no clue music wise what to expect as no bells had been ringing; I think it’s electronic house techno chill, or at least something in this corner of music genres. Let me tell you that in general there is this pulsating 4X4 rhythm super gluing these tracks together , along with nice hypnotic melodic dance material. But what makes this mix stand out is that it’s part of a #weather series… I have heard and seen episodes of it before and always think that I have to report on it somehow, but always get too carried away by the whole audio & visual presentation… So much so that I simply forget to share it with you. But not today!

Now you might think what are you talking about? You just wrote that it’s a music mix, so what do you mean with visual presentation?

Glad that you asked…

It seems that these #weather mixes sometimes come with visuals. Not cover art but visuals in the shape of videos. Or perhaps it’s better to say; one mega video mix of videos and visual effects that will indeed completely distract from whatever you had been doing before. It’s such a mix that mixes and matches perfectly with the mix of music, powerful enough that it will make you sit in front of your screen with twirling eyes and a dopey looking face.

It’s basically the audio visual trip that you should have expected to see and hear on MTV when it was still a music video station. I’ve watched and heard it sober, but it isn’t hard to imagine that this will be the perfect bliss for when colorfully intoxicated by love pills, or perhaps other materials of your own choice. So if you are feeling a bit under the weather, it’s nice to know that this will distract your senses & make you feel different along the way. Feel free to tune in and get hypnotized:
For this mix and others, please check out the following link for hours and hours of music:

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