Orphax – Dream Sequence #2

Artist: Orphax
title: Dream Sequence #2
keywords: ambient, experimental, drone, field recording, minimal, psychedelic, Amsterdam
reviewer: Willem van O.

Orphax is the artist whose name my automatic dictionary would like to change into ‘orphan’, but besides that, Orphax is doing very well in the minimal music scene. Orphax had released an audio dream sequence once, and now he is doing it twice with a brand new one. I have to be honest, you have to be in a certain state of mind to fully enjoy it, but once you are in that state of mind; it might be a true blessing.

With this new dream sequence Orphax kindly provides a depth in a thin sounding ambient atmosphere, providing a strange feverish source for relaxing that (considering its massive support) is popular among fans of the minimal music scene. It is indeed a nice experience when you give yourself fully in to absorb the slow, but resolute progression within the work. It’s coming across to me like an industrial ambient drone with smooth make-up and psychedelic undertones, yet it kind of freaks me out at the same time.

So hot…

I’m not sure if it has to do with not being in the right state of mind, not being right in the head, or that it’s a universal thing; but can’t say that this personal reaction to this work isn’t interesting. It’s very interesting… But instead of the dream sequence making me dream away
, it kept me awake… I guess?

It’s so hot, very hot.

It’s perhaps that this dream isn’t everyone’s dream, as the visuals of beauty didn’t want to pop up in my head, instead flashbacks of light fever over shined my personal listening experience; waking up in sweat and not sure if it’s still reality, or that I’m actually still asleep.
When the ambience of this work becomes louder and prominent, it adds even more fire on this personal view of this dream sequence; turning it into a dream with slight nightmarish effects.

Hot, hotter, hottest! Fire!

It’s perhaps a progress of audio hypnosis that reacts on your mood in space and time, I guess when things are cool over here; this work should be presenting more images of beauty, scenes of calmness and be more a case of easy-going trip material to fall asleep with, and not (as was with my session) a freaky experience that reminded me of having a hot fevered head covered in sweat.

That’s hot.

But considering such heavy reaction and response to such a nice & intelligent sounding produced minimal work; there certainly must be more to it then the usual ambient work that passes the revue. Perhaps Orphax added next to minimal music also a little bit of magic to it all, some sparkles that nestle within your brain, trying to get some reaction or response going on…

Dream sequence, eh?

Perhaps this isn’t even real and I’m not here writing to you about the Orphax minimal music fever… Perhaps I’m indeed actually dreaming and this is still a part of the Orphax dream sequence… I’m seemingly trapped forever and see no harm in sharing a link with you to check it out (maybe you can come over here, bring some anti fever pills so we can chill together in this brand new Orphax reality…)
here it is, might it reach you well:

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