Atariame – Weirdo Goes to the Disco

artist: Atariame
title: Weirdo Goes to the Disco
keywords: experimental, avant-pop, electronic, bedroom pop, outsider

To have a certain Morrissey as a flatmate, someone who played in a band you listen to, is what you could say a bit of a coincidence. But in this case it’s also responsible for the intriguing and pretty sounding lyrics of a song named ‘Flatmate’; the coincidences simply never seem to stop! The voice from the (I assume) flatmate of Morrissey sounds like an instrument, high and smooth and fairly brought in a way that it’s intoxicating the ears with a druggy bedroom feeling; it’s as if you can smell the flat, the sentiment of Morrissey’s smell and it’s somehow sweet in a anecdotal way. I’m sure Morrissey the band playing flatmate would be happy when he ever hears this lovely song, and equal lovely sounding music.

Then there is ‘Dreamers’ which mostly delivers it’s pretty intriguing music with a pure touch of magical melody. The work is very pretty and warm, and somehow is easy to be felt within the more dreamy appreciating factors of the brain.

The music gets a nice little flying pinch with a sweet little hypnotic ticker as a rhythm, while a neat balanced shimmering eighties sounding harmonious devotional synthesized melody which does it’s amazing job to bring the sentimental flow of a wise sounding blackness inter-coursing with a certain positivism. The lyrics are relative vague, something about smelling like baby powder and fresh air smelling like smoke, but all together it’s strong and together.

More aggressive without the obvious aggressive sound elements is the tune named ‘Vogue’ in which the artist imagines a man who see like much more then you. When you hear it you know that she means every word, as the great sounding melodic music underlines her words with thick distorted marker marks.

The ticker brought in once more in ‘the flood’ and it gives the intriguing personal music that pulse that blood needs to flow through the veins and eventually the heart. The artist’s music in each and every track is exceptionally melodic and strong & her vocals pronouncing her short and repetitive lyrics are like cosmic waves smoothly flying through the devotional experiences.

If I had to spare only one word to the whole collection of songs and music it shall be the word ‘character’, because the songs and music are so full of personality. Even though there is lots of stuff to guess for your own imagination, the artist provides so much of herself and own identity within her music that it’s as if you are actually meeting her. Perhaps meeting her in a fascinating music dream in which this eccentric artist shows that she rules melodies and sentiment & also is someone not to mess with. The best line in one of her lyrics will say everything you need to know;

I’ve got a hand grenade under my dress

So please enjoy & appreciate this artist’s skill of delivering these personal sounding melodic sentimental songs, as you don’t want her eccentricity to blow up in your face. But the music captured here on this release will not cause harm, on the contrary; it will deliver something to admire and smother yourself in with a pure delight. It’s highly recommended to go to the disco with me by clicking on the following link

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