Dreamboat – Dreamboat EP

Artist: Dreamboat – Dreamboat EP
keywords: minmal, ambient, downtempo, 8ravens, 8kbps, lobit
label: 8ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com/

Are you ready to board the wonderful boat of dreamy music? You don’t need to wear a life savings vest or carry heavy luggage as in this case the wonderful calm trip is completely done by listening to what people call ‘music’. Once surrounded into the new environment; the pleasantness will immediately kick in its soft tones of perfect calmness.

This is not the sound of a calm before a storm; this is the sound of calmness before calmness. It’s not so much a boat trip over here but more as if you landed your own body into a very comfortable bed in a sweet and unpaid for private V.I.P. room on a Cruise ship, one whose unsinkability causes much more mental comfort. Nice!

The love of relaxing in a comfortable bed in private quarters is clearly felt and heard all through these three intimately pleasing tracks. They feel like the best partners to spend your journey of pleasant luxury with; just feel at ease and let these pieces of classy lobit allure decorate you with care and personal attention. You will be feeling re-energized and all pampered up when this semi boat trip has done its audio massage.

The last part of the dreamboat session is to me the loveliest; giving that intimate sense of bathing in a waterbed. The music calmly does its kind thing and when it’s done; you feel revitalized and fresh with an enormous urge to jump on board the dreamboat EP again for another fabulous session of being pampered by lovable audio.

Being a fan of beauty and lobit music pays really off when plugging your ears into the Dreamboat EP, and thanks to it recently being released on the never disappointing 8ravens netlabel; you can download and enjoy it for free. that means it won’t cost you a dime! If that doesn’t make you feel like a V.I.P., then nothing would… The entire crew wishes you a pleasant journey

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