Funeral Art – La Belleza Oculta

artist: Funeral Art
title: La Belleza Oculta
format: tape / digital
keywords: black metal, blackgaze, diy ,experimental ,ambient, avant-garde ,doom metal ,electro ,oustsider music ,poetry ,shoegaze ,singer-songwriter, Kraków
label: Weakie Discs
reviewer: WIllem van O.

Funeral Art is an art that almost touches upon everyone and yet seems to fly firmly under the radar of appreciation. It’s rare to see (occasionally it happens though!) a coffin on display in a art museum, especially when it didn’t include a hot mummy stolen from its final resting place. But even more under the radio is the flower arts used for funerals, whole flowers are rearranged, stuck together in round ornaments or just in nice bushes to be placed to order the dead and deceased; and yet it almost never ends up in a museum or in the collection of a potent art collector. There are so much more things to funeral art than we can or should chat about here, as this is not about funeral art in general, but about the music done by ‘Funeral Art’.

Funeral Art had released a album that dips itself into the more cheerful funeral ate that is music and especially music composing. Funeral Art’s La Belleza Oculta is full and rich of piano riddles, forming a Gothic positive atmosphere that seems to make the journey into the after life in a elegant trip to go for (when the left over people play this music at the funeral that is..) The piano music gets companionship of guitar and electric guitar, drums, synth strings and most notable Celtic vocals that create a whole holy layer to the already thick sounding compositions.

Funeral Art has much more surprises instrument wise on this record; if you think that a sexy saxophone, or a classy trumpet would sound out of place at a Gothic funeral friendly work of music; you’ll obviously didn’t hear this album yet. The melodies that Funeral Art brings within these tracks are full of tears, full emotion and power, I imagine black mascara running down on someone’s cheeks, flavors of Gothic churches, dancing on graveyards at night, capes and robes,candlelight in badly lighted castle corners… It has something very modern, and yet medieval to it.

Highlight is the surreal sounding middle point of music named ‘la Belleza Oculta’ in which the songstress delivers her words with so much emotion and power, that it even hooks up with a grunting demon to make sure everyone listens with wide open ears. The demon’s throat crackles as if years inhaling smoke from a pipe had been fruitful, while the voice sings full of passion the scene away with her powerful and clean voice. The emotional sounding music underneath it does everything to make this a funeral art progression to never forget.

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