artist: ЖЫ
title: PsyHAND
keywords: hip-hop/rap, kircore, experimental, Russia

Let’s start a instant party! The only thing you need is a little help of yourself being in a open minded party mood, and a little help of ЖЫ’s PsyHAND. PsyHAND combines points, plastic drops of vomit, and a arsenal load of free based beats that my ears recognize from them once being included in some free downloadable program from back in the day, something so good; that my mental brain had erased it’s name a long time ago.

Now in a feast of recognition, warm sentiment and a instant applause towards the rearrangement of rhythm, sound and beats; the instant party got enough groove to clap along with. PsyHand might be straight forward in its approach, your own private listening party might involve your own hand clap patterns! Think about all that instant clapping and dancing creativity that will come out of it! The session isn’t too long, so even if you lack a fair amount of energy to party; it’s really should be doable! This is the kind of party that you can make with a ‘break’ and for heaven’s sake; can ‘take’ at the following kinky link: https://228zhy228.bandcamp.com/album/psyhand

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