Kristo – Happy Camp

artist: Kristo
title: Happy Camp
keywords: Americana, rock, country, folk, psychedelic, weirdo, St. Louis
reviewer: Cotton Eye Joe

Take a sniff of the happy factor, a big gulp of heavy wine, a shot of vodka, some warmed up can of magic beans and tune into this album done by a kind and jolly sincere sounding weirdo. You will feel perfectly at ease and perhaps even at home as the music plays and he sings his songs with no shame and full illustrative joy. I don’t know about you, but to me it feels like we need to sit closer to the music, and cuddle up to hear it all. Perhaps a bit like a bunch of happy campers around a fire with sausages and mars mellows.

Perhaps cuddling is a big word; it’s probably be more the case of music that you should hear when seated together, I would say that even though there is a high happy campfire feeling to it, I feel it’s more preferable to sit (while hearing it) on bar-stools in a cowboy friendly environment somewhere in Texas, or perhaps other saloon-ish booze and fun friendly places to hang out in & feel that cozy atmosphere.

But wherever you sit or be-at when hearing these songs and music; it’s easy to close your eyes and see this bar with horses on the front porch and the artist under pleasant lighting performing on stage while beers and smoke are taken in by happy customers. There is a real party going on, and it’s either up to you to take the music as a pleasant backdrop to get into this happy mood, or as a main attraction; but either way it will drop its funny atmosphere right into your ears.

In all honesty; it really made me feel like I’m Lucky Luke and I’ve just caught the Dalton’s and am now enjoying some time off drinking quicker than my own shadow. Good times and pleasant entertainment for a great time off! Head over to the happy camp by Kristo:

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