RK11111111111 – DnB Nova Fantasy

Artist: RK11111111111
title: DnB Nova Fantasy
keywords: video, bass, drums, fantasy

DnB Nova Fantasy is not a fantasy anymore but more a reality; you can plug in and watch and hear it with your own eyes and ears thanks to the artist whose work is blowing up and shared all mass in online communities. His version of the Pink panter theme might be hot stuff, but this audio and visual paradise is not something you should take for granted as well.

It’s hear that we see the man himself behind his drum-kit in full concentration with a nice generated backdrop on the background. You can smell the love through this picture, something which is odd as smell internet is not yet available among most f the planet’s internet users.

If you press play the artist will perform this fantasy for you, hitting the cymbals, crashes and drums with a fantastic sounding electronic bass based repetitive melody. It’s here that lovers for drum n base will be served their kicks and thrills, fulfilling the final fantasy you might not be aware off that you had it. The music is delivered with great talent and skill, no drumstick will ever hit a wrong spot or fall on the floor as it’s fully clear from head to the end that this is a music and video production done with a perfection that multiple talents would sell their souls for. But in all sincerity, there could only be one of this on earth so sell all the souls that you want; nobody can beat the awesomeness of this guy.

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