спутник – близится время

artist: спутник
title: близится время
keywords: punk, garage rock, lofi, post punk, rock, indie, soul, blues, ballad, Vlad Shegal
label: Sputnik Records

You can’t do wrong when your name is спутник. The artist from Russia puts his heart and soul into everything he does, and whatever he does; he does it good! This new release consisting of three tunes is simply no different in the lines of goodness, although I feel it’s here about the quality and not so much about quantity. The tunes are quirky and poppy, the first one made me slightly think of willy wonka’s Oompa Loompa, but that’s a firm compliment as who doesn’t like the smart and educational fashion sense of these Oompa Loompas?

Tune two is so sunny and feeling good, with a fair amount of happiness that with great poppy guitar riffs, lyrics and loopy tight drumming really could be a great summer hit for on the Russian radio waves. It would possibly expand if it wasn’t sing in the special language, but if it wasn’t done in such way it wouldn’t be the same. Спутник proofs that the language (when in the right mouth) can sound so warm, lovely and kind…

This is the music done with love and passion & the final work on this release feels like a hug from a good friend in a beautiful scenery of flower fields on a very pretty day. If you want to hear pretty music that is honest and lovely to the ears, solidly representing the human sensitivity and feel goodness coming from a country that is portrait as ‘cold’ in western propaganda; then seek no further: спутникis is your friend and the music is pure love! https://archive.org/details/SPUTNIKRECORDS031

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