Broads – Hellas

artist: Broads
title: Hellas
keywords: electronic, experimental, norwich ,drone, folk, lo-fi, Norwich

We have been covering so much relaxing ambient music at this moment in time that you would think we would be relaxed in a lethal way; but somehow this release by Broads came up and all previous ambient works are instantly forgotten and pushed aside. Seriously, as a music lover it’s nice to hear all the stuff that is out there, but hearing this album; who needs them? This album is the only one you need. Seriously. It will give you everything that your brain was secretly begging for all this time; gorgeousity! (I believe we just invented a new word)

This album is bulging from diversity, but never wanders of the path that pleases the ears with prettiness. There are so many unsuspected highlights (amazing singing done by harmonic voices!) that you have no choice really then falling in love with this album by Broads. I’m so in love with it; that I’m returning to it ever so often and failing to write about it in able to share it with you; it makes me want to keep it for myself as if it’s a found treasure I simply can’t departure from.

I did write an open letter for it to our head of comment named Linda.. Which I will share now with you, just replace Linda’s name with your own and you’ll get my point.

Dear Linda,

I hope you are well, and had a lovely transition into the new year. I’m writing to you, Linda, to check out this release by Broads. It got everything Linda; sounds of children playing, music with beats and without, samples, colorful drones, happy sounds, shimmering moments of chill, beautiful singing and what’s not… It’s pretty, Linda. Oh so pretty!

The nicest thing is that it comes across as all hand made, you know, Linda, as if it’s been all been played with hands and not by artificial machines; there is a soul in there, Linda, and it’s one of the good ones.. I just thought that it would suit with whatever you (as you being Linda) are doing at work, making you (as Linda) feel tranquilized and awake at the same time… In other words Linda this and Linda that; check it out if you can.. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoy your c


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