Sheikh Majnun – The Earth Must Be Destroyed

artist: Sheikh Majnun
title: The Earth Must Be Destroyed
keywords: experimental, insane, trippy, psychedelic

Dance of the small fuzzy things is the thing that swings in a naturally odd way. So much dreamy swinging that it made me feel like an episode of wandering around someone’s mind, a place filled with so much hidden compartments and secret passages that you can spend many minutes wiggling that amazing big booty of yours through this saucy sounding maze. Be like a magical ass in a fantasy boogy woogy world.

Sexual Proclivities on Zeta Reticuli is not letting go of the audio trip into the unknown and the rarely heard strange and slightly bizarre. In fact it’s here that we go through a slight spiral in which guitar tickles pushes us kindly off a imaginable stairs while opera and robotic voices whisper along the many wallpapers.

Strange and beautiful things makes the strangeness more accessible, it does this by inserting a beat to follow and walk over. As you step around in this oddness a horny tooter twirls around the ears and feet wanting you to step next to the path for an night you’ll probably will never forget. It’s up to you if you’ll go for the sexy invitation, or keep in pace and follow the way without distraction and enjoy the attention.

The session continues with celestial rampage which features a male voice implying what you have to imagine when you are exposed to the extraordinaire music. It’s like listening to a modern self help hypnosis show for weirdos with a mad hypnotizing host throwing handful of dimensional ideas into your own: Expanding your own mind until your just a blob in a over dimensional fantasy!

After this the music gets all funky and farty; electric beats and grooves are presented like fruits to feast upon. Resistance is futile and the only way to pass this session is to dance like a baboon on rubber bowling shoes. The percussion simply won’t refuse you not to dance, and might even invite you to pick up a pair of sticks and tick them together to join the funky rhythm; look at you! You are a dancing music maker!

In fact we must continue this heavy interaction as the earth must be destroyed in this fine comical way. Just keep on wiggling your ass on the line that comes in shape of a very important track list, don’t get distracted by the seduction of weirdness and prepare for a shaky swinging dance off with a large wiggling Buddha at the final end.

Good times ahead in someone else’s head:

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1 Response to Sheikh Majnun – The Earth Must Be Destroyed

  1. kiender jahr says:

    Great romanof storylines, lets give it a try!

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