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reviewer: a friend

FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS Was send to ‘yeah I know it sucks’ by a friend. This friend is not only a friend of FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS but also a friend of us, cause that’s what friends are for; being friends and being friendly to each other.

We sincerely hope that after this review FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS will also be a friend of us, as FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS comes from Perth and that’s the place all the best music making friends are coming from…

It’s clear that we are with friendly open arms to the music coming from FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS, and as a friend; you should be too. You don’t even need to open your ears, as the music done by FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS will kindly force itself into your ears with a high voltage of electrifying salvo of friendly harsh noises.

The moment that ‘UH (part 2)’ opened up my personal ears, I felt like a virgin being penetrated for the first time. It was a bit unexpected and quite bloody, yet it felt rousingly good at the same time. When half way the music took a confident moment in time to bring in wise sounding raps; it was to me like romantic whispering in the (now wide open) gaping ears. FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS’S foreplay might be not playing around the bush by going full throttle in an instant, but there is also a great facet of kindness within the session.

I have to be honest, the instant deafness of unexpected noise intercourse had made me a tiny bit afraid of what would come on this album, but then there was FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS’s Chocolates, a track with groove and dignity launching a new way of funky rap style and experimentalism. There are the grooves, the flows and the words; but there is also something angelic to it. I cannot describe it as FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS is not just one friend but sounds more like facets of a whole bunch of them…

Then there is this whacked sounding bunch of sickness named Lock it Down / i c**’t w*** / stressedoutfuckedup. Here I feel that the music by FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS really gets to its strongest point, slipping into noisy industrial madness in combination of insanely tight rolling raps. The music slips easy into more weird experimental corners in which it feels as if a treasure found in musical garbage bins are being kicked out in front of a microphone,this in the great combination of explosive raps that might blow your mind in its detonating precision.

This is great stuff, and ‘I can’t wait’ to share this explosive FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS persona that hides within the music with you, and all the other friends. It’s like listening to a mental person who at the same time is the ‘coolest person’ you’ve ever heard! Its madness; but of a good kind… The trip ends with a psychedelic kindness of music that is of a melodically classical kind, with great eye for sampled rain and unheard of percussion; it’s kind of cozy what FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS Delivers at the final end over here.

Then there is In Shambles, a slow drugged up chill out moment in which you can feel like you just woke up in a cut out frame of an old cowboy movie, with a head smashed up from a heavy night of intoxication. This makes way for a track named ‘selfish’ in which experimental pretty sounds flirt with high frequencies and rapping. It’s an odd combination, yet it somehow works out extremely well; balancing itself in something off the edge, and yet utterly upfront and in your face. Don’t ask me what I mean, just listen to FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS and find it out with your own ears. That’s what friends like you and me are for: Listening to FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS.

Then there is ‘The Opposite’ which showcases a fine galaxy of high beeps that my dogs are finding difficult to digest. Still it has to be noted that it goes well together with the sounds of friendly crickets in a garden. But the music by FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS gets better, molding itself in a sound and recording showcase in which it’s as disorientating as it is cozy. Cute sounds, laughter, harshness and sampled material of homely sounds are brought in to create a unique atmosphere.

The last but still heavily force of high frequencies is tormenting my hearing systems with the same sound frequencies that my dogs are running away from. It’s the dog whistle that they don’t like and i have to join them; It’s a difficult listen as the music is obviously great here, yet the high tones are so prominent that it makes the experimental rap progression into an experience of a calm friendly psychopath putting punchy needles through the ear drums. But hey a little challenge and some torture among friends is also what friends are for! In any case there is lots of experimental material, and interesting creative originality to be explored over here;

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