Nicki Rose – Electric Warrior

Artist: Nicki Rose
title: Electric Warrior
keywords: rock god, god, singer songwriter, icon, idol, rock n roll
reviewer: Nick Ballrose

Legendary self-made rock god David Bowie might have left the building leaving a lot of music, memories and art behind; rocker Nicki Rose left us with a much smaller amount of music content to be mesmerized about. Yet I feel they have something in common; an once-upon-a-time androgenic stunning look that is attracting both women and men, delivering rock music from epic proportions and both do this with and charismatic original posture that is as unique as it’s special. David is trending everywhere (might he rest in peace), but the hype around Nicki Rose had tamed itself down a bit.

Nicki Rose?

I hope to help out, perhaps resurrect or even attempt to expand the name and legend of this fine artist , as when my ears and eyes accidentally stumbled upon Nicky Rose’s videos on YouTube, my life got touched by that little sparkle called ‘excitement’, this was for me a new discovery and wow; what a great one it was! I couldn’t believe Nicki Rose’s fame had not touched all the rock god fans worldwide..

Apparently the story of Nicki Rose goes (according to a must watch short documentary) as followed; Nicki Rose made mid-nineties a demo VHS tape with him performing his songs in the hope to get signed by a label, unfortunately he didn’t get signed, but the video itself was so great that it was luckily saved and passed and copied among friends, music and art lovers.

The video footage showed up as visual backdrops for other music on parties, but as people wanted to know more behind the intriguing face and body movements of the artist performing in the video; the actual sound of the tape got the honor to present itself in full glory, making instant fans with its incredible music, song lyrics and passionate way of Nicki Rose’s original music delivery. A legend was born!

Unlike Bowie, rock god Nicki Rose was (outside the contentment of the demo video tape) nowhere to be found. That didn’t stop his music performance to be trapped within art studios and intrigued video collectors as this spectacular tape started to live a life on its own. Even becoming one of the hottest opening performances of all time! Think about it, Nicki Rose the artist was living on the video an touring around while being captured on the video tape! People made fanzines, tribute nights, artists’ impressions of Nicki Rose’s face! The story is almost too incredible to be true! And till this day nobody knows where the actual artist (adored by so many!) is, or what had happened with him… The biggest fan club of Nicki Rose is still searching for signs of Nicki Rose, so if you are him or you know about Nicki Rose his whereabouts, please try to get in touch with these Nicki Rose icon worshipers. Are you alive Nicki Rose?


Apparently Nicki Rose is, or at least the artist captured on that tape as now he is still performing his music out there on that very special video sharing network. Thank you up-loader; now we can all have our Nicki Rose parties at home! Or even just you (or me) watching and adoring Nicki Rose his performance in pure one on one action.
What’s not to like? He plays with his wild manes dancing on his head, the wild roaring guitar which he respect so much that he plays it like a beast. The words he puts out full of believe and glamour? Nicki Rose is like watching multiple orgasms playing music! He is so into it him-self that it’s an incredible watch for the eyes and an amazing ‘hear’ for the ears! Incredible! This is not your average guitarist singing performer; this is an immortal rock god warrior who (just like Bowie) will live forever until the ends of infinity!

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1 Response to Nicki Rose – Electric Warrior

  1. bryan says:

    i saw this video in portland. maybe 2002? i always wondered about it and also noticed that he kind of looked like an 80’s glam rock version of Greg Sage…

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