IDVex & E.A.R.S. – Split Album 1/2SN & E.A.R.S.

Artists: IDVex & E.A.R.S.
title: Split Album 1/2SN & E.A.R.S.
keywords: black metal, noise, doom experimental, avant-garde ,drone, black, Kalamata

IDVex delivers a dramatic sounding start to the split with E.A.R.S. It’s a mix of culture that slips through in a variety of tear evoking witchcraft; it feels dark, fearless and almost angry without lack of emotion; this is the music that is out to hunt you for the rest of your lives. If the music was an animal it would probably be a poisonous snake who looked interesting and handsome, yet might be untouchable for its enemies as it’s bite (or squeeze) might be the end of the ability to observe. The strength of this vibe comes through the use of a more minimal sound setup in combination of a very distinctive voice.

This voice and music is working together as if they are one; delivering a form of black magic through song wizardry that keeps an atmospheric delight that has something sad and yet a very empowering feel over it. It’s use of melody and chord progression makes it ideal to listen on any occasion, creating an atmosphere that sounds done from a wise soul with ultimate wisdom in despair. The ending of a song named ‘Mora’ might be the unexpected beautiful thing that will engrave itself in listeners memory sector; definitely something to take your hat off for.

Then it’s time for the ears to be infested with the music done by E.A.R.S. It goes for a more in your psychedelic face sound and feel, a little raw with enough volume to intrigue and be sucked in by. The great thing here (something that holds IDVex and E.A.R.S. Together) is that even though you could hear the power and emotion within this music very clearly, it doesn’t go for an rampage with violent outburst; it’s that venomous snake with perhaps sharp razor blades glued to its skin; you can hear that the music makers out their heart and soul into it and that they could be potentially dangerous; yet they keep calm and only showcase the needed tension within their raw but killer sounding production.

There might be no haunting voice at this side of the split, but the psychedelic thrilling movements within these two tracks are enough to summon your own demon to do a private concerto in your own kind on top. Raw guitar, dooms-bells and a Gothic window wiper will keep you mesmerized until the split leaves its grip to move on to haunt another listener. If you want a dark empowering sound without an overload of unneeded instruments; then let me tell you; this is the split you have been waiting for! Pure potent poison that is fearless and mesmerizing!

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