Post-Materialists – Dumb Collage Suck

artist: Post-Materialists
title: Dumb Collage Suck
format: limited edition 7” / digital
keywords: experimental, collage, dada, DIY, industrial, jazz, lo-fi,noise-rock, psychedelic, synthpop, Moscow

Side A is one to keep by your side as it kicks of a pace of fine guitar riff progression that will make you feel like the baddest bad ass under the bad asses. Hearing this part of energetic joy I found myself kicking garbage bins, spraying graffiti all over the neighborhoods cars and urinating in places you shouldn’t (according society) urinate. This is the bad ass guitar riff claiming full responsibility for a instant refreshing moment of grinding teeth punk-personality.

Then things go weird; the music swifts into a different direction with a trumpet stealing the show. It has a slight temperament that feels like we have been teleported to Mexico with enough tequila to tranquilize a gorilla in our veins. It makes everything sunny, salty and adventurous; a bit of a vacation time that needs a umbrella to protect from the sunny waves that it instantly projects within the drunken tequila-mind.

The final pleasant happening on the A side is a melodic kind sounding pleasure that has something very youthful over it. Not the youthfulness of the punk with zits and a attitude, but more the youthfulness of someone who is just doing it’s first steps in the world and is thoroughly excited about that! Mum watches in disbelieve; my youthful pride and joy had turned from a crawling slimey blob into a resurrected standing walker with additional drool from the mouth! Adorable! Of course this recording representing this youthful state of ‘a first attempt to walk’ might also be applied to drunken heads who conquered the tequila overdose and is now tumbling one feet after the other; it’s the music for happy moments!

Side B is as good as side A, and because you’ll get one with the other; its like rediscovering the first two letters in the alphabet. The first moment you’ll hear this side you will be happily entertained by the more poppy rock structure of a good and happy sounding song. There are lyrics but as they are probably in the wonderful Russian language it leaves (if you are not fluent in this language) up a lot to your own funny ways of the imagination what it all means. To me it’s already a lot of fun just to hear it as it is; comical sounding words on a extremely catchy groove that might tickle you into a happy go lucky party mood. It can’t get more up, but that’s why the side B slips into another work that slides more down. This is a more experimental part, having an darker atmosphere in a Lo-fi bathhouse look and feel with harmonic ambient tones from an unknown order flying around to fill in the void of sensation. What’s more that you would like to know other then a link from where to get this release that consists both these sides of the record? Side A and side B, side by side waiting for you to join them on the friendly good times:

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