1996 – ~~~

artist: 1996
title: ~~~
keywords: experimental, vaporwave, Russia

The world is blessed with the birth of epileptic soft erotic vapor wave sessions captured on this short living release. It’s quite the experimental hotpot that touches, strokes and arouses the human listener quite a good deal, while still doing it in a way that doesn’t feel too touchy and slimy as some other soft-core vapor wave friendly friends would go for.

It’s more cuddle time under the blankets, being aroused by the sound of a broken record player that has been ruined by alcohol leakage of a full bottle of wine. I receive this as the sound of a romance gone wrong; you want to have sexy times but your foreplay is going through entertaining glitchy moments and enjoyable but disastrous speed transitions. It’s like holding hands with raising and slow burning heartbeats in a carnival ride of romantic recognition full of drunken madness.

The world is blessed with this release as the feeling of ending up being drunk in bed with the music to have fun with is one that you can’t find easily somewhere else. Besides it’s not all drama and failure, there are moments in which a positive outcome levels above the glitchy vibe; raising the morale a few inches like a good Viagra for the musically impotent patient.

It probably doesn’t make much sense, but the music does have that cozy ‘it factor’ on the vapor wave scale, it just seems to be a bit more poking around then going for a super smooth nightly mood. It’s good fun those appearances of pulling out before it’s time to go, and the whole ‘fact’ that I couldn’t stop listening to this release from start to finish quite possibly says it all; this glitchy vapor wave release pretty much kept itself interesting. Are you interested or reasonably confused from reading this article? Find some sense over here:

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