Katie O’Neill – Slow Life

Artist: Katie O’Neill
title: Slow Life
keywords: experimental, feminist, noise, outsider, weirdo, Dublin

We all know what goes around at Area 51 , but we should all be more interested about what happens at Area 1. Thanks to O’Neill we can peak into this Area like a peeping Tom with our ears stuck onto a keyhole. Might Area 1 be a bathroom? Might it be the place that has the option to run water? Might we hear a voice or two putting my mind into a spin of fantasy and imagination? Might we be witnesses of a murderer cleaning its hands in a sink after the job is done? Who cares about all the other areas when number one is bringing up so much reason for multiple questions and perhaps even much more imaginative answers?

Area 1 might be an area to check out and get some conspiracy theories rolling up for, ‘Acacia’ is also one that speaks to the imagination. This track might cover an area even more secretive and strange than number one. The concept is the same; O’Neil places our ears on a keyhole to peep into an audio world that is full of questions and multiple answers. We can hear perhaps human activity; someone walking around in a hollow sounding room, someone talking.. Strange balloon whistles squeaking; there is definitely something going on and it’s you as a listener to fill in your own story. The keyholes of mysterious audio are available at the following link:


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