Turkey Andersen – Turkey Andersen (debut EP)

Artist: Turkey Andersen
title: Turkey Andersen (debut EP)
keywords: kids, children’s music, family music, funny, funny songs, indie, indie folk, indie pop, pop, rock, indie, twee pop, Northampton

Turkey Andersen covers happy go lucky songs about the hardcore things in life like having a knot in the lace of a shoe, asking wise philosophical questions about sandwiches. He sings about things that get wet when it rains, getting crazy looks by a farmer and a horse for wearing a Beatles T-shirt with enough educational information for you to not make the same mistakes.

There is lots of handy happy music on this album, creating lovely songs that will make you feel appreciative for all the things you got. The song about having a hat for the cold is instant warmth that you might not even have to wear a hat yourself. Songs about climbing a snowman and covering yourself under the night sky, as if it’s a woolen blanket; Turkey Andersen got it all covered!

Personal musical highlight on this lovely album is to me ‘hot and stuffy’ a fascinating and amazing sounding tune about the logical happenings of the action of opening and closing a window!


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