Arnvs – Another Soundtrack to Anxiety

a0026440379_16artist: Arnvs
title: Another Soundtrack to Anxiety
keywords: acid, ambient, drone, Mexico, saturation, classical, drums, experimental, minimalism
label: Σшρτγ

This music offers us an escape from above, slowly lowering our senses into the deeper depths of a seemingly bottomless pit. At the beginning it might have something of getting slowly into a hot tub; toenails first and the rest will follow later, but it’s definitely a much darker then being lowered into a bath. But don’t get me wrong, this bottomless pit isn’t that dark or straightforward tunnel-like; it’s more an experience in which the lowering reveals a greater sounding surroundings, something you wouldn’t really expect to find underground. The walls of this tunnel gets simply wider and wider, creating a magnificent depth and large church-like hallways with a medieval Gothic taste and feel. The darkness gets brightened up by surreal light shining from supernatural glass in lead window productions and the only thing i can think off is Dracula waiting at the bottom of the track with a fork and a knife; ready for our consumption.

He will probably lick his side teeth while eating your ‘heart’ out. And considering the rhythmic direction that the music goes in; it’s a mutual feast for everyone involved. The rhythmic session exposing instead here is like a happy munch party that will leave the muncher with a high cholesterol and heartburn & the one who is munched upon with a tender meat and a saucy smile; a beat really makes a difference sometimes!

The last part of this release is ‘take the pill’ which probably reflects to the heartburn of the Dracula like character who just feasted upon you like a fresh pork salad. The music feels content; a little simple lonely piano playing a soothing melody, as if it whispers to the stomach to calm down and take a few steps back in order to digest the munched up listener. This listener could potentially be you, only thing you have to do is lower yourself down by clicking the following link:

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