Mila Severtseva – Resistance

artist: Mila Severtseva
title: Resistance
keywords: glitch, experimental, electronic, avantgarde, beats,
label: Wrieuw Recordings

Mila is a mixed media based in Saint Petersburg in Russia. I first came across her work via this great website called Far From Moscow which is well worth checking out. Anyway, at that point she was writing music as diu pii and it was excellent bare bones almost tribal sketches of electronica goodness. I got in touch to ask if she wanted to do a split release on floppy disk, which fortunately for me, she did. One thing Mila does very well is often very chaotic and colourful works of art, I find these very appealing, she did the awesome artwork for our release and has since done the same for releases with Liminal Noise Tapes and Effluvia Recordings.

Anyway, I am very pleased to present her EP “resistance” released under her own name. Whilst still maintaining the sound of earlier releases, this presents a far more confident dose of glitchy beat based electronics. The artwork demonstrates very well the sounds contained within.

Above you can read the enthusiastic and personal write up written by the micro label owner of Wrieuw Recordings. And below this passage begins my clearly unbiased walkthrough/review of this specific release. Here it is:

Not everyone is making plans to build a wall, Tronald Dump
…some magical people already have one…

Looking at the wall in my head’ suggest that artist Mila Severtseva has a wall in her head. I’m doing my best to look at it through the music and if it is indeed a wall that I see,it is one not as hard you would think a wall would be: It’s more funky, nicely decorated with posters of a colorful kind, something that isn’t so concrete, but is more a case of lose shoulders opposed to stiffness.The time to stare at it with both ears is rather short, but as there is more to this release then meets the ears; more tracks will follow…

The next one is ‘something happens when nothing happens’ a track that pleasantly introduces the high active claps that the tracks on this album is richly decorated with. The music gets a warmth glow by introducing minimal piano-ish vibes and some opera-ish tints to sing its admiration for the all round togetherness of it all. Yes, there is something glitchy to it,but it doesn’t sound glithcy; it sounds thought about and nicely planned with enough space for flexibility in its minimalism.

The title track of the release is up next. This means that its time for ‘resistance’, a track that gets the pleasant clapping sounds back, to backup a child friendly melody that halfway switches to something more ambient-like. When this is finished the release goes quickly into its own ‘reflection’. Here I really feel the buzz of the clappers clapping with the additional exciting stimulation of a ticker and a base-kick. Within this groovy a acid wobble is shaking its ass, and I fully recommend to bend down to the knees and encourage this sound by clapping along. Who doesn’t love acid? Especially flavored in such minimal ways in order to raise our morale and still be able to function in our activities?

what follows is ‘don’t tag me’, a nice angry yet sweet defend-able track that slaps possible taggers in the face,while camouflages this act of resistance with pretty melodic warmth, something so nice that nobody will be offended while being slapped about.

To finalize this lovely release Mila Severtseva inserts ‘flesym dnif t’nac i’, a track with a track title highly transcripted for only the top code crackers to find out what it really means.The music however speaks for itself; a swinging avant jazz tune in which its easy to imagine a whole bunch of hairy cats hanging out on a piano while enjoying a nice bag of catnip. In fact, I’m sure when hearing this; you would love to plunge your nose into some quality catnip too! It’s a good combo!
But even without catnip, ‘Resistance’ by Mila Severtseva is hard to resist not to listen too. Click on the colorful artwork, or the link below to do so:

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