Aires – Fantasma

a2751507890_16artist: Aires
title: Fantasma
keywords:  ambient, drone, experimental ,electronic ,field recordings ,noise ,shoegaze ,Portugal
label: Bad Panda Records

Fantasma might mean ghost of phantom in Portuguese, but considering these tracks available on the ‘Fantasma’ release done by Aires; I would say it means Fantastic and ‘ma’ which means ‘mother’ in the Dutch language. Fantastic mother’ with sneaky build-in sponsorship by a coca cola lemonade drink called ‘Fanta’. We get it; a live long supply of Fanta isn’t a bad deal for a music project that has one ear in reality, and the other nicely dipped in the surreality of fine psychedelic dopamine.


It’s good. it’s understandable that one gets thirsty and motherly, it’s natural while traveling on these ambient drone flavors of warm depth and quality. It’s a sweet trance that these tracks go for, something that tranquilizes but not knock you out in a Huxtable way. Just relax, slip yourself into it as if it’s a old school pair of fluffy slippers and don’t forget to inhale and exhale air. You might think that you might have to be really insane to forget a basic thing for life support like that, but that’s how relaxing the music is…

When you are comforted by this ‘super mother of music’ a fatherly voice might present itself, something like a holy vision that wishes you well on the pretty continuation of your audio journey. A travel that becomes more pleasant as it goes over a vibrantly smooth sounding electric highway to much higher realms…

Come on over people, it got a good view!
A great height!
enough space for everyone!
Never seems to get crowded…
Mothers from all over the world; come on over, its fantastic here!

Around the second part of this adventure the music really seems to outdo itself by providing the soundtrack that feels like it comes from a heaven, that’s actually a real heaven. No hellish harps, white clothes and annoying wings playing violin and angel mouths singing hallelujah; but a serene cleanness that floats like a cloud in a sky wealthy of the blue color. (It might be more black if you are listening to this part at night time)

The last part goes even one more level up, as if we reached a state of wise wisdom in which we figured the meaning of life out, and are now simply listening to the mind of someone in peace with the universe. The dark and the bright, neatly folded into each-other like a puzzle made out of blankets with the smell of fresh washing liquid. (Or is it Fanta?) It’s easy to forget to keep on inhaling and exhaling air when hearing such a beautiful form of audio harmony, but please keep on doing so no matter how mesmerized you will be.
The whole experience of listening to Fantasma is a bit like being in the arms of a wise extraterrestrial kind of super mother, someone you won’t want to disappoint by not taking in enough oxygen to survive….

Before I’ll go and leave you all to give into that horrible urge to get a certain drink, here is the link to the music:

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