TONTTU – 6: Also Sprach Gnomethustra

artist: TONTTU
title: 6: Also Sprach Gnomethustra
keywords:  experimental, ambient, avant garde, dark electronic, finland, folktronica, industrial, industrial ,metal ,martial ,metal ,military ,neo-folk ,psychedelic ,London

Gnomes, you either love them or you hate them, or love to eat them as a Gnome Pathé… They can be nasty little fellows, jumping and climbing all over the place with their muddy feet; urinating against the flowers and spitting on the paperwork. Garden gnomes are the worst; they don’t do anything and give you all these looks as if you are the one doing nothing. And then these Hollywood Gnomes…

Recently we have been pretty much gnome free over here, but lately some of them had been seen doing obscenities in the hallway. There was lots of blood involved and we lost a few human members of our team, but luckily we now got the product for our (and your?) gnome infestations that will make your (and the lives of others) 99.9% Gnome free…

This newest anti-Gnome product is not that harmful to the human ears and should be applied (and played) to the gnome environment at its loudest volume. Try to play it in the corners you expect them to come into your premises, try to spread it around the place through a network of speakers to your best abilities. The trick with this anti-gnome music is probably that it speaks to the Gnomes directly, ordering them in their own language to get the hell out, do things, get creative by creatively be a burden to someone else, boil some humans in a sauna far away.. If they don’t move away to go hunt for human blood and do their obscenities elsewhere the ideas within thought to them in this anti-gnome music might blow their little brains up…

It isn’t going to be a pretty sight if you are dealing with blood thirsty exploding stubborn gnomes, so better prepare enough cleaning stuff and plastic bags to get rid of the gnome residues.. Still it is a soft price to pay for the big Gnome clearance, and with no Gnome around; rest and hygiene finally returns into your Gnome free environment. You can try and perhaps get some at the following link:

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