Dino Felipe + Melba Libia + Vitamin Wig C – D.M.V.

artists: Dino Felipe + Melba Libia + Vitamin Wig C
title: D.M.V.
keywords: electronic, experimental,rock, bizarre, tribe ,outsider, underground, Los Angeles

Dino Felipe + Melba Libia + Vitamin Wig C are bringing enough formidable audio colors to be excited about. If you have no hair on your own, This formidable duo might be the one that let it all grow on your head as those hairs would simply come out to hear what this music is all about. Of course it’s easy to blow up party whistles and dance around the table from excitement, but I feel this work is of a serious kind. It seriously sounds amazing that is, and that’s not my just licking some hairy vitamin and co’s ass; it’s the honest truth!

The tracks on this release are perhaps shorter than you might wanted, but they are probably of this time length in order that the artist could give each and every second the most possible attention. It surely sounds like it! They are like a bunch of scenes of stories, with enough sound effects to sketch unheard of worlds in which basically anything can and does happen. One moment you are sucked into a wooziness most Devine and one other you found yourself listening to a private imaginative tequila dance party. The overall feel has something very natural, as if it’s a land in which not registered nature rules, even if that means that some of these unexplored environments might be odd and quite unusual; I consider that as a compliment, and I’m very happy that these sound escapes exists to hide away from reality.

Dino Felipe + Melba Libia + Vitamin Wig C are the starings star of production quality, such an delight to hear especially mind blowing when you have been listening to mono recordings nonstop. The excellent producer skills are basically so amazing that you will almost forget how psychedelic and strange these audio worlds that are captured here are. It’s worth a replay as there is so much hidden in this adventurous and exciting music worlds, that there is big chance you are missing out or simply overlooking crazy characters that pop up to do their magical things. Fairy-tale figures, unheard of instruments, smooth operators, naughty creatures and perhaps insane hair stylists. There is so much to hear and because of it’s clarity it might even trick you of hearing things in the room that are actually within the recordings.

The most pleasant thing that makes this release and the work of these three stand out so much is the ability to not produce something vague, but actual music and atmospheric sceneries. It simply keeps on transporting the ears from one entertaining place into the other, but all have a high feel goodness over it; I keep on thinking that it’s being the perfect soundtrack to drink Tequila! …

There is lots of sweetness to it perhaps, with a like on the edge for extra glory. It’s as if we are listening to Frank Sinatra in the sun without vocal abilities and a brain nicely fried from the… Tequila! I’m not even a fan of tequila, but this music however makes me change my mind; nothing better than wearing a healthy wig and taking this trip with tequila. Without it it’s super fine, you just might feel thirsty a bit; but it’s really not needed to drink as the music simply seems to provide that slightly sunny tipsy feeling already by itself.

Sometimes you can hear the resemblance of a laughing guitar, a drumkit puking in its own drum; but in general it all sounds superbly warm, spacious, a little bit out of the mind and into the odd parameters of slight insanity. It’s a trip in which the instruments and sounds within the music are the personas who pull you by the arms to join their mad hatter tequila-tea garden party! It’s chill and exciting at the same time! Also if you are cold, snowed in of half frozen to death; this album might be the perfect life saving one to listen; it’s so warm and cozy… And you can really be your crazy self as you won’t be noticed among these crazy funny fellows. Check it out over here:

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