a1756852853_16artist: RMF
title: ZEBRA MAN
keywords: alternative, miscellaneous, norcal, sacramento, comedy, hip hop, independent, indie, outsider, psychedelic, r&b, underground, weird, zebra
label: Purple Fucking Gold Records

RMF dropped six excellent fun tunes with lyrical lyrics, original vocals and upbeat poppy weird music that is pretty much far out there. The title track ‘ZEBRA MAN’ is one of the best of its kind, a quality track that with its colorful ease is the perfect thing to compliment the ZEBRA MAN of all our dreams. Who can resist this galloping creature who travels from dreaming mind to mind, arouses you with its large mouth and striped skin and wild manes; tonight we gonna kiss the ZEBRA MAN, or at least hear this perfect soundtrack for such a fantasy!

Then there is ‘Wait For Me’ which basically underlines that RMF’s tunes are so super smooth, dreamy and quite crazy. It’s here that it feels like a great moment to dig up that stash of green for your smoking purposes. The music is excellent in all its magnificent ways, posing nicely over all the serious music genres by doing it better, and at the same time pulling its tongue out for an overload of craziness and fun!

The fun really seems to escape in ‘Your Fantasy’ which contains an uplifting baseline and beat with incredible lyrics and funny sounding mouse like vocals. It made me for some reason think of a really fun ‘scissor sisters’ high on the good stuff like helium balloons and blunts. Happy stuff and quite uplifting!

Be my baby’ is the sweetest tune on this release, it has an excellent vibe that will do its best to make you smile. It’s as if the music brings free confetti and instant happiness. Lots of name dropping and it’s all in a good humor!

The next tune is about Marilyn Manson’s in jail & it’s probably the craziest song ever made. It’s very high action, like a fun fair on crack with lots of clowning about and running around on extremely large shoes! Freaking brilliant! Marilyn if you read this and are alive; you must, must, must hear this tune! ‘Clown Town’ is the place to be!

The last track is another nod to the dreamy captivating creature that is the sexy half zebra half man ZEBRA MAN. This is the perfect slot for this magnificently fun collection of energetic weirdness! Lots of energy and feel goodness to finalize this release like no other! ZEBRA MAN must be proud and ready to kiss and hump the members of RMF out of full appreciation! Super fun!

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